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Home-made condensed milk

condensed milk - a traditional product, which is always in high esteem. Because you can add condensed milk in such a number of dishes! Oatmeal with condensed milk, pancakes with condensed milk, cakes and pastries, coffee, cocktails ... and the condensed milk itself has an amazingly delicate taste and can serve as a separate dessert.

Condensed milk from the store does not always happenReally tasty, sometimes manufacturers go too far with the amount of sugar. And the presence of preservatives in the condensed milk from the jar is very embarrassing. The best way is to cook Home Condensed milk. Her taste will carry you back to the past in a magical way! You will feel the same pleasure as in childhood.

Homemade condensed milk

Homemade condensed milk


  • 500 g of powdered sugar
  • 375 ml of milk
  • 40 g of butter


  1. Before cooking the powder should be sifted, then the condensed milk will turn out to be ideal. Take a large saucepan, pour the milk there, immediately add powder and oil.
    Homemade condensed milk
  2. Brew the mass over a small fire until the powder and oil completely dissolve. Then make a medium fire, bring to a boil the mixture. The condensed milk must boil 10 minutes after this time.
  3. Let the condensed milk cool down and put it in the refrigerator until it freezes. Wonderful result!
    Homemade condensed milk

You can add a little cocoa to the condensed milk, sheIt will turn out with a slight chocolate flavor. A remarkable delicacy - condensed milk with a variety of nuts and coconut shavings. With coffee is combined perfectly ... be sure to prepare a home-made condensed milk or caramel of your own making, because home-made sweets are the best.

Eat natural products, cook at home! Take a step towards health every day.