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Multicolored cake

Outside is a common biscuit. But when you cut it, you'll find a surprise inside. Bright colorful squares look very colorful and original. Probably, you think that it's incredibly difficult to make such a cake. But it's not! If you follow all the recommendations on the video, then you will definitely succeed.

Multi-colored cake

Multi-colored cake


  • Any cream
  • Biscuit dough
  • 6 food colors of different colors
  • Ruler
  • Round baking molds of three different sizes


  1. Cut the biscuit into six equal parts. Each part is dyed with food coloring.
  2. Multi-colored cake

  3. Baking six colorful biscuits. Cut off the places that burned.
  4. Multi-colored cake

  5. Then cut a circle with a round shape in each biscuit, and inside it another one just with a smaller mold.
  6. Multi-colored cake

  7. Miss the cream slice and insert the cut pieces back. Only colors need to be alternated.
  8. Multi-colored cake

    Multi-colored cake

  9. Then from the cakes, form a cake. Properly miss each cake, as in the photo.
  10. Multi-colored cake

  11. At the end, cover the cake with cream on top. Ready!

Multi-colored cake

This cake will be an excellent dessert, which can be served at the festive table for a children's party. Imagine the happy faces of the toddlers who will see this cut biscuit.

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