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What to cook from bread

It is impossible to find a person who does not like bread. This universal product is indispensable and appreciated. Use bread with soup, cook sandwiches and toasts - a common thing. But very few people know that bread can be used quite differently than we are used to!

Do It bread The main component of the dish, and the result will shake you. These 20 recipes you want to try immediately ...

20 delicious dishes from bread

  1. Bread casserole. Use in the recipe various spices - cinnamon, turmeric, ginger. Add to the casserole honey instead of sugar, the aroma will be unusual.
    Bread casserole
  2. Italian version of the sandwich. Tomatoes, olives, cheese and olive oil, fresh green herbs - basil and arugula ... the taste is simply divine.
    Italian sandwich
  3. toast For salad and soup with garlic, black pepper, ground walnuts. Add some ingenuity to your recipes!
    Croutons for soup
  4. Cook the onion soup only to enjoy its taste in combination with an unusual sandwich. Smear bread with melted cheese and perch in a bowl of soup. Above all praise!
    onion soup
  5. breadcrumbs - a very necessary ingredient for many dishes. Biscuits are very easy to make at home by yourself, using already beginning to stale bread.
  6. Bread crumbs improve taste and appearance Meatballs.
  7. Fry Chicken in batter With the addition of breadcrumbs. The meat will be very gentle and soft!
    Chicken in batter
  8. Meat or fish rolls will be much tastier if you add breadcrumbs to the dish.
  9. Make the most delicious breadcrumbs for fish! Mix breadcrumbs with grated cheese, parsley, dill. The fish in such a shell will be surprisingly tasty.
    Fish in breading
  10. Pasta, cooked with three different kinds of cheese, is a delicious treat. But if you add biscuits to it, the impossible will happen and the dish will get even better! Certainly try.
    Pasta with cheese
  11. Casserole from roasted cauliflower, pieces of bread and cheese will drive you crazy. Lay out the ingredients in several layers, fill with the egg, whipped with milk, do not forget about spices.
    Cauliflower cauliflower
  12. Bread, apples, onions, fennel ... this is not a random set of products. Prepare a casserole with such ingredients, the taste will surpass all your expectations.
    Bread casserole
  13. Fry Bread with garlic. Make an original sandwich, whose composition may seem strange. But the taste is worth it!

    Mashed potatoes, pieces of boiled chicken, cranberry sauce and poached eggs placed between pieces of bread. Very interesting recipe!

    Bread with garlic

  14. Pour the bread whipped with milk and sugar eggs, add cinnamon, lemon zest, dried fruits and nuts. This pudding should be prepared from hard-boiled or dried bread. Check if there are supplies in the kitchen.
    Pudding from bread
  15. Another version of the pudding is unsweetened. Add fried mushrooms, onions, greens and cheese to it.
  16. If the soup is too liquid, it does not matter. A little crumbling bread will make the soup thicker.
    thick soup
  17. Hot sandwiches are the leaders among fast breakfasts. There are many options for preparing them ...
    hot sandwiches
  18. Bread will improve the taste of summer lettuce and make it nutritious.
    summer salad
  19. Fry pieces of bread with spices. Gently dip the bread into the melted cheese, feeling like a true gourmet.
    bread with cheese
  20. Fried eggs in bread With avocado, salt and pepper. Bright taste and a very simple recipe!
    Fried eggs in bread

Bread not only fits well with other products, but also enhances the taste of dishes. Be sure to remember these tricks when you are preparing dishes from the list above.

What recipe did you like most? For sure you also have a secret A dish of bread, Which is prepared in a couple of minutes, but at the same time - very tasty. Tell the recipe in the comments, share it with your other culinary creativity.