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Become a mother in 40

many Women aged 40 or over Already become grandmothers. They are happy to play with their grandchildren on weekends, bake delicious pies and know all the fairy tales in the world. However, even if three generations live on one living space, the responsibility for the child is borne by his parents, which means that at 40 or 50 the grandmother still remains a grandmother.

But there is a special category of women who is not afraid of the numbers in the passport and is being solved Give birth at a late age, When others already nurse their grandchildren!

Advantages of mothers who give birth after 40

  1. Wise mentor, not a playmate
    Many mothers "aged" can no longer takeActive participation in the games of their kids. But psychologists unanimously repeat that it is even more useful, because the role of the parent should be to be present and be attentive during the games of your baby, and not to be his sandbox companion.
  2. Mom and grandmother at the same time
    It's no secret that women who gave birth to a child in 20 and at 40 perceive it in different ways. If in the first case my mother tries not to forget about herself, then in the second - practically Completely focuses on the child. It is easier for her to understand the change in mood, to find out why the baby cries, to foresee his desires.
  3. A pleasant feeling of omnipotence
    Late children, as a rule, bring their mothersThe feeling of omnipotence, as if turning the clock back. At an age when peers become grandmothers, she is a young mother, which means she is again a young woman, who is far away from old age!
  4. Flexibility of thinking
    "Late mothers" and their children share not one but two generations. However, as a rule "Late mothers" Try to keep up with the times and from their children,Easy to navigate the Internet and gadgets and even making yourself a tattoo. Psychologists admit that "late mothers" are more plastic and wiser than young ones, because they are ready to just be close to the child, see his uniqueness and rejoice in it.
  5. Second youth
    Western doctors argue that the health of a woman who is pregnant in 40 years and older can be compared with a young girl, as the period of pregnancy and childbirth Improving effect On the female body! The cholesterol level decreases, the risk of a stroke, there are less problems with the genitourinary system, later menopause occurs, menopause passes more easily.

At any age, children remind us of our aging, because with their birth we rise a step higher on the ladder of generations. but Do not be afraid to give birth, Justifying their fears of age. The main thing is to find a good doctor and follow his instructions clearly.

If your friends do not dare to give birth to a second child - share this article with them and tell us about your opinion on this matter. Give life it's never too late!