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Slacks for weight loss

Eat and lose weight! these Snacks Will bring a variety to your menu. We all like to have a snack, but not always our food is healthy and low-calorie.

Often eaten in between meals, foods are the cause of weight gain. For harmony and excellent health, choose a healthy diet!

How can an appetizer burn fat? Proper snack Affects the metabolism in the body. Thanks to whole food fibers and useful substances, healthy foods help to maintain the metabolism at a consistently high level. So just eaten food will immediately be digested and converted into energy, and not into a store of fat!

20 healthy snacks

  1. Snack apple - a great choice!
    an Apple
  2. Almonds - A source of protein and valuable trace elements. High fiber content in this nut improves digestion.
  3. Protein in combination with fiber. an Apple And a cup of skim milk. Wonderful taste!
    Apple and milk
  4. avocado With a curd filling - the original replacement of a standard sandwich.
  5. Canned tuna With crackers. Delicious snack incredibly fast cooking.
    Tuna with cracker
  6. Lentils With vegetables in pita bread. An exquisite dish, an excellent option for vegetarians. Lentils are known for their high protein content. In addition, it is very tasty!
    Lentils in pita bread
  7. Shrimp!! You will make a deliciously tasty snack if you emphasize the taste of shrimps with the appropriate sauce and ground nuts.
  8. Cocktail with berries and yogurt. Replacing sugar with honey, the taste of the cocktail will be nothing worse!
    Cocktail with fruit
  9. Baked pears with cinnamon and soft cheese. Fragrant and very delicate dessert, it goes well with coffee.
    Baked pear
  10. Greens and tofu.
    Tofu cheese
  11. Soybean - a wonderful protein product. Soy with sauce and vegetables - dietary snack. To make the soya taste better, add a little sour cream to the dish.
  12. a hen Always go for a hearty snack. No fat, just protein!
    a hen
  13. cauliflower With white beans and garlic.
  14. Toast with walnuts and pear. walnuts Act on the brain in the same way as bananas, increasing the amount of serotonin. A snack that will make you not only slimmer, but also happier!
  15. Salad with lentils and vegetables. Choose any vegetables to taste: tomatoes, bell peppers and Green lettuce leaves - exactly what is needed.
    Salad with lentils
  16. protein bar. Almost like candy, but much tastier!
    protein bar
  17. Mexican dish with beans, vegetables and tomato sauce. Beans - Protein product, which is not a sin to have a snack.
  18. Roast with soy and vegetables. With white sauce this dish is unbeatable!
    Roast with soybeans
  19. Asparagus and hard boiled egg. Attention: asparagus - an aphrodisiac, it contains folic acid and vitamin 6.
  20. Green tea with lemon, best of all - cold. If you are hungry, you need to drink some liquid. Perhaps your body is thirsty, and it gives false signals about hunger. green tea - a wonderful choice for a snack!
    green tea

Let your figure be harmonious, and the question of losing weight will never worry you seriously. Tell your friends about these useful Ideas for a snack, Give them a chance to choose healthy food!