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How to freeze grass

Everyone knows that freezing helps longerPreserve the useful properties of some products. If you want your favorite herbs to be available all year round, then freeze them in olive oil! such Storage method Suitable for such herbs as rosemary, sage, thyme and basil.

You can also freeze oregano, thyme, mint and lemon balm. Original cubes add to pasta, dishes from potatoes, stews and soups. This will greatly improve the taste of your dishes, and most importantly - Freeze spicy herbs It's quite simple.

How to freeze herbs in olive oil

  1. Buy spices. If you have the opportunity to collect them, then it's just wonderful. It is better to do this after the dew dries in the morning. Do not pick up the grass in wet weather.
  2. Wash the grass, and then dry it well on a paper napkin.
  3. Cut them, place them in the ice-cell boxes and fill it with olive oil (also can be melted creamy). Cover the food film and put it in the freezer for 10 hours.
  4. Take the cubes from the mold and place them in a plastic bag for further storage in the freezer.

Frost of herbs

Well, I wanted to Freeze fresh herbs In olive oil? Now any greens will be available to you all year round!

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