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Pasta that heals cracks

No one likes hiking to the dentist, because theyWe are associated with pain and other very unpleasant sensations. But thanks to a doctor from Japan, kazue Yamagashi will soon be forgotten about drills and seals. The scientist made a revolutionary discovery - a paste, which very quickly and completely without pain can repair The holes and cracks in the teeth, And also restore tooth enamel.

Before this invention, the only wayTo get rid of holes in the teeth was a filling, during which the dentist must remove the caries affected part of the tooth and seal the resulting cavity with a special solution. But this method has a huge minus - in the process the doctor removes most of the healthy tooth and the patient, absolutely not wishing it, experiences painful sensations.

Treatment of cracks in the teeth

Paste from cracks in the teeth

But the paste made by Yamagashi solved this problem. Its composition is very similar to the composition of tooth enamel and it can be applied directly to a crack or a hole in the tooth. Yamagashi received this paste by experimenting with hydroxyl apatite, the main component of the teeth.

Its action is as follows: First, the acid in the substance slightly dissolves the surface of the cracked enamel. And after a few minutes the paste crystallizes, and the artificial material is firmly embedded in the structure of the natural enamel of the tooth. In addition to healing cracks and holes, the paste also has a strong antibacterial effect.

The results of testing the innovative paste show that the tooth cured with the help of this miracle cure does not differ from the healthy one. The difference is not visible even under a microscope.

Although this invention will reduce the amount of work for dentists, it will be a salvation for everyone who has a panic fear of dentists.