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Recipes for breakfast in pictures

Galina and Stanislav Khabarov are wonderfulIllustrators, who created a whole series of beautiful recipes in pictures. In their drawings it is clearly shown that, how and how much to prepare. In these culinary recipes everyone will be able to understand! "so simple!" Prepared today 11 such recipes with which you can prepare delicious breakfasts and by that you diversify the morning menu of your family.

Ideas for breakfast

Pancakes made of carrots



Casserole with apples

a sandwich

Buns with oranges

Pancakes with bacon

Fried eggs in tomato sauce

Yogurt with banana and chocolate

oat flakes

Pancakes with soda

Appetizing and lucid! That would be all the recipes were the same Simple and easy. These breakfasts are worth a try for everyone!

Be sure to keep these recipes and share it with your friends!

Source: chef-daw.