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Early signs of cancer

To detect cancer at an early stage - it is possible! And this gives hope of salvation. Because the sooner this terrible disease is diagnosed, the greater the chances of coming out as a winner in a deadly confrontation.

9 out of 10 people who discovered the beginning Cancer development, Get better. It is clearly visible on the example of melanoma.

This skin cancer, which at the 4th stage leads to a fatal outcome, with timely detection and removal gives a 100% pass to a healthy life.

Symptoms of cancer need to know in person, they can not be confused with anything!


Signs of cancer

  1. Rapid weight loss for no particular reason.
  2. nausea.
  3. Elevated temperature.
  4. weakness.
  5. Unusual pain.
  6. Mucous, blood and purulent discharge.
  7. The emergence of new education on the body.

If you notice these symptoms - see a doctor immediately!

screening - one of the most common types of diagnosis that a doctor can offer. Cancer will be detected even without external indications, if time is examined!

Breast ultrasound is a mandatory annual procedure for women from 20 to 40 years. Women after 40 are recommended mammography.

Women after 20 years time in 3 years should do a smear for the presence of viruses that provoke oncology - daddy test, as well as - a test for a test. This will help to identify cervical cancer at an early stage!

Men and women after 40 are shown every 5 years to do a colonoscopy.

To prevent the development of prostate cancer, men after 40 need to regularly take a blood test for prostate-specific antigen.

The annual procedure should be ultrasound of the abdominal cavity and radiography of the chest. Both adults and children are required!

biopsy - the next stage after screening, if a problematic area is identified. The doctor splits off a piece of suspicious tissue or organ and conducts a histological examination.

At this stage it is best to turn to several specialists and take tests in different laboratories - the risk of an erroneous diagnosis is always there!


Google is developingA bracelet that will detect cancer at the initial stages very easily. The principle of bracelet work is genial: a person takes a pill that contains special nanoparticles.

They spread throughout the body and serve as markers for Definition of cancer And other serious diseases. If the marker reacts to dangerous cells, the nanoparticle will light up, and this signal will be fixed by the bracelet!

An invention that does not have a price. Let's hope that its implementation will not take too much time and in 10-15 years the medicine will reach a new level. Future for fast and timely diagnostics!

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