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National dishes of different countries

A national dish of any country is an integral part of its culture, which has been formed for centuries or even centuries.

It's hard to imagine Russia without a cabbage soup or Georgia without khachapuri. Therefore, visiting different countries, it is necessary to try and national dishes of these countries. This will allow you not only completely Plunge into culture Country, but also bring home some very interesting recipes.

National dishes

  1. Croatia: parma cheese
    The famous parma cheese is made from sheep's milk on the island of pag.
  2. Parma cheese

  3. Italy: pizza
    Classic pizza is made from a very thin dough. As fillings are tomatoes, mozzarella, and a variety of meat products, season the dish with basil.
  4. pizza

  5. China: xiao long bao
    It's pelmeni that float in the soup. Form they resemble khinkali, but they are made from different types of meat and cooked in pairs in special bamboo baskets.
  6. Xiao long bao

  7. India: chicken tandoori
    This dish consists of chicken pieces that are marinated in yogurt and spices. Bake a tandoori chicken over a large fire in a clay oven, and serve a dish of vegetables and rice.
  8. Chicken tandoori

  9. Canada: Putin
    This incredibly high-calorie dish consists of French fries, cheese and specially prepared sauce.
  10. Putin

  11. Belgium: mussels with French fries
    Mussels can be cooked in different ways, and served with salty crispy potatoes and washed down with cold Belgian beer.
  12. Mussels with french fries

  13. Austria: Vienna Schnitzel
    This is a thin piece of veal cut in breadcrumbs, which is roasted until golden brown in a large amount of fat or butter and served with potatoes or rice.
  14. Wiener Schnitzel

  15. Argentina: asado
    This is meat cooked on charcoal, which is served with bread, salad, chimichurri sauce and red wine.
  16. Asado

  17. Brazil: feijoada
    The feijoada consists of black beans, baked pork, beef, spices and cassava flour. It is served with rice, cabbage, orange slices and spicy sauce.
  18. Feyzoada

  19. Australia: float pie
    This is a meat pie that floats in a plate with thick pea soup.
  20. Float pie

  21. Egypt: Molochea
    Milk is prepared from the leaves of Molokhei (a vegetable with a bitter taste), which is separated from the stems, chopped and boiled in broth with coriander and garlic. Serve a dish with chicken or meat.
  22. Molochea

  23. England: roast beef with yorkshire pudding
    It's fried beef with a "dripping" pudding.
  24. Roast beef with yorkshire pudding

  25. Georgia: khachapuri
    For sure everyone knows this juicy stringy cake with a filling of cheese or eggs.
  26. Khachapuri

  27. Malaysia: Nuno Lemak
    This dish consists of rice cooked in coconut milk with pieces of pandanus leaves. And serve it wrapped in banana leaves with sambal sauce, anchovies, peanuts and boiled egg.
  28. Nazi lemak

  29. Netherlands: herring
    The Dutch like to eat herring with a fresh bun and chopped onions.
  30. herring

  31. Indonesia: pie terang boulanger
    This dish is a sweet cake in the form of a semicircle, filled with chocolate crumbs, grated cheese, pieces of peanuts and even bananas.
  32. Pie terang bean

  33. Saudi Arabia: kasba
    Kasbu is prepared from rice with the addition of a large amount of spices - cloves, cardamom, saffron, cinnamon, pepper, nutmeg and bay leaves, and served with meat and vegetables.
  34. Kasba

  35. Japan: kacudon
    This is a thin pork chop with an egg, which is put on top of a bowl of rice.
  36. Kacudon

  37. Mexico: sauce mole
    This sauce consists of about 100 ingredients, and they cook it for a long time - sometimes for several days.
  38. Sauce mole

  39. Norway: rakfisk
    This is a trout, which is first salted, left to wander for several months, and then served with onions and sour cream.
  40. Rakfisk

  41. Filipinos: adobo
    These are pieces of chicken or pork that are stewed in a mixture of soy sauce and vinegar. Also add pepper, garlic and bay leaf.
  42. Adobo

  43. Portugal: francesina
    This is a sandwich that consists of two squarePieces of white bread, between which is a piece of meat, a slice of ham stuffed with olives, and sausage. It is covered with melted cheese and put in a plate with tomato sauce.
  44. Francesina

  45. Ukraine: vareniki
    Dumplings are usually prepared with a filling of potatoes, cottage cheese, cabbage or meat, and they are served with toasted bacon with onions and sour cream.
  46. vareniki

  47. Romania: sarmale
    This dish looks like cabbage rolls. Prepare it from minced meat with rice, which is baked in small salted cabbage or grape leaves.
  48. Sarmale

  49. Russia: soup
    Russians will gladly treat a foreigner with a plate of delicious and hearty soup.
  50. Soup

  51. Scotland: smoked salmon
    It is served on toast from bread and butter or curd cheese cheese.
  52. smoked salmon

  53. Slovakia: brunze dumplings
    These are small potato gnocchi dressed with soft cheese and bacon.
  54. Cheese dumplings

  55. Of the word: kran sausage
    These are small pork sausages, in which salt, pepper, water and garlic are added.
  56. Kranji sausage

  57. Uar: biltong
    This is jerky beef meat, which is marinated with various spices.
  58. Biltong

  59. South korea: panchkhan
    Punchhan - a lot of snacks and salads, which are served to the main course and rice: kimchi, namul, chon ...
  60. Punchhan

  61. Spain: jamon iberico
    This is a ham from a special breed of Iberian pigs, which are kept on a special acorn diet. Meat is salted, and then dried in well-ventilated cellars.
  62. Hamon iberico

  63. Oaa: shaurma
    In oae this dish is prepared from pita, stuffed with pieces of roasted meat of different varieties and vegetables. As a dressing, tahini, hummus or hot sauce is used.
  64. Shaurma

  65. Venezuela: pabillion cryollo
    This dish is made from chopped beef, rice, black beans and cheese.
  66. Pabillion cryollo

  67. Usa: hamburger
    To the hamburger, Americans recommend taking a milkshake and french fries.
  68. hamburger

These dishes look so appetizing, that I already want to get to all these countries. In whatever country you brought, do not forget to ask about the local National dish And taste it!