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Grilled desserts

Mandatory attribute of spring sunny days - B-B-Q. On the grill you can fry not only meat! Fish and vegetables, divinely smelling of smoke, will pleasantly surprise you with their excellent taste.

Even if you are a vegetarian and you will never understand the charm of shish kebabs, from Dishes on the grill Do not give up. There are hundreds of recipes that you have not even suspected - for all sweet tooth and those who do not like fried meat too much. From these pictures and blows a haze ...


  1. Coconut sorbet and Pineapple on the grill.
  2. Coconut sorbet

  3. Grilled Marshmallow with chocolate.
  4. Marshmallow with chocolate

  5. Strawberry cake Grilled! Wow ...
  6. Strawberry cake

  7. Grapefruit on the grill.
  8. Grapefruit on the grill

  9. Cookies with a delicious aroma of fire.
  10. Cookies with raisins

  11. Pudding, baked on the grill in foil.
  12. pudding

  13. fruit cake In an orange, toasted at the stake. Unusually ...
  14. fruit cake

  15. Shish kebab with rusk, fruit and cheese. Delicacy!
  16. Skewers with rusks

  17. fried banana split.
  18. banana split

  19. Smoked marshmallows, fried bananas and chocolate fondue.
  20. Fried bananas

  21. Fried toast with cherry syrup.
  22. Toast with syrup

  23. Chocolate-cherry pizza.
  24. Chocolate pizza

  25. Banana, baked with chocolate and nuts.
  26. Baked banaga

  27. Peach grilled with wine sauce.
  28. Peaches on the grill

  29. Apple, baked with walnuts, honey and cinnamon.
  30. baked apple

Especially such recipes will taste to children. Make them quite easy, showing a fantasy and culinary flair, but the result will be beyond praise.

Well, who is not interested in trying a pineapple on the grillOr a roasted banana with chocolate? Shish kebabs with fruits and cheese will decorate any holiday. Take advantage of extraordinary ideas for barbecue, these outstanding recipes will surely become your favorite!