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The causes of fat deposits

Many women, reaching a certain age, believe that Fatty deposits - this is the norm and stop not only to monitorFigure, but also to fight for their beauty. However, an increase in age does not mean an increase in weight at all! On the contrary, at this time, as ever, I want to be attractive to my family and others, to become an example for imitation and pride for my children, and of course, to look younger.

But after all the extra pounds, sad as it may seem,Add to our appearance a couple of years to which we have not even lived ... if you find a few free minutes and make a diagnosis of your ailments at home, this will help you take the first step on the way to a slender figure!

Where and why fat is stored

Fatty deposits

  1. Flanks
    The cause of fat deposition on the sides is covered inViolation of the thyroid gland. It is the incorrect work of hormones that causes our thighs to be stored "by the lifebuoy". Another enemy of beautiful thighs is heavy metals that can enter the body with tap water or toothpaste.>
  2. stomach
    Unfortunately, the fat on the abdomen is postponed even inThose who can boast of their thinness. As a rule, this is a sign of constant stress, depression and even insomnia. In general, if you want to have a flat belly - first of all, put your nervous system in order. This can be done with calming herbs or meditations.
  3. Back and thigh
    As a rule, fat deposits on the back and thighsAre the hallmark of sweet tooth. If you want as soon as possible to throw this "load" from the back - minimize the use of flour products and sweets. Give up fast carbohydrates and replace sweets with honey and fruits.
  4. Calves and knees
    Full caviar and knees indicate thatYou are fond of salty and sweet foods, which means that your body accumulates excess fluid. Reduce the provocative products to a minimum and, as often as possible, arrange non-salt days of unloading.
  5. Chest, upper arm and inner thighs
    All listed places areHormone dependent. If you have fat deposits in one or more of the above parts of the body - this is a sign of the huge amount of the female hormone estrogen in the body. Without fail visit the gynecologist-endocrinologist, who will help to prescribe the necessary treatment.

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