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What to cook for breakfast

breakfast - this is the most important meal, because a good day begins with him. The correct and useful first meal is a pledge of excellent mood and good health.

In no case should it be missed, sinceThis increases the chances of overweight, the development of diabetes and can even lead to a heart attack. Doctors say that people who eat breakfast are less likely to overeat during the rest of the day.

But there is also horrible need not. We have prepared 13 ideas for a healthy breakfast that will help you stay alert and full of energy all day!

What to cook for breakfast

  1. cottage cheese casserole
    This dish will be the perfect beginning of your day. Curd casserole consists of eggs, sugar, semolina and cottage cheese, so it is very nourishing. The main thing after such a breakfast is not to sit still, as it is high in calories. If time permits, walk a couple of stops to work on foot.
  2. cottage cheese casserole

  3. baked apples
    Baked apples are very delicious. But when they are stuffed with rice, raisins and nuts, they become a real culinary work of art. Rice enriches the body with carbohydrates, apples - vitamins and microelements, nuts - protein.
  4. baked apples

  5. meat and vegetables
    Probably, many do not understand why this dishIs included in the list of healthy breakfasts. But scientists are increasingly saying that in a balanced breakfast should be fat. Try to cook for breakfast boiled vegetables and a slice of chicken breast. You can also choose low-fat fish. It will be an ideal option for protein breakfast.
  6. meat and vegetables

  7. Pancakes from oats
    The preparation of such pancakes is a little troublesome occupation, but what can be more delicious than pancakes with banana or pumpkin. Adding fruits and vegetables to them will make the breakfast really useful.
  8. Pancakes from oats

  9. Sandwich with peanut butter and bananas
    Peanut butter is a very useful product. By the way, it is very simple to cook at home. Bread is best to choose whole-grain.
  10. Sandwich with peanut butter

  11. Avocado sandwich
    For cooking such a dish you will need an avocado, boiled egg, tomato and bread. Such an exotic breakfast is not every day to indulge, but to try is definitely worth it.
  12. Avocado sandwich

  13. Buckwheat porridge with milk
    Buckwheat as a dietary product - does not need advertising. Everyone knows and loves it. It is delicious and has many benefits for the body, for example, increases hemoglobin.
  14. Buckwheat porridge with milk

  15. Cottage cheese and fruit
    Low-fat cottage cheese will give your body the necessary proteins, and vegetables and fruits - vitamins.
  16. Cottage cheese with fruit

  17. Sandwich with lettuce leaves
    Sandwiches can also be useful. Make a sandwich with the help of lettuce, chicken and whole wheat bread. You can also put a thin slice of low-fat cheese.
  18. Sandwich with lettuce leaves

  19. fruit salad
    Those who are very difficult to force themselves to eat in the morning, you should pay attention to the fruit salad. You can add a little nuts and cottage cheese.
  20. fruit salad

  21. Lazy oatmeal
    Those who do not have time for cooking, should try to cook lazy oatmeal. It's very simple and tasty.
  22. oatmeal

  23. Omelette with herbs and vegetables
    Everyone knows this is a useful and tasty dish. Eggs provide the body with protein and vitamin e.
  24. Scrambled eggs with vegetables

  25. muesli
    It is better to cook muesli at home, then you can be 100 percent sure that your breakfast is good and does not contain preservatives. Add berries in muesli and fill with milk!
  26. muesli

These original and healthy dishes will help you to start the day correctly, make it excellent, and you will be full of energy.

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