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Light dessert in microwave oven

In just a few minutes you can do crazyDelicious and easy dessert! If you have a microwave oven, you're lucky - you'll want to try this miracle right after reading the recipe. I had a desire to buy this microwave at last, to ease my life and sometimes cook such lovely dishes.

Maximum availability, but at the same time - a remarkable result. It is amazing: only two of the simplest components can be created Exquisite sweetness...

Meringue in a microwave oven


  • 1 egg
  • 300 g of powdered sugar


  1. Smash the egg on a plate. Considering the fact that there are more cases of selling eggs that are not very high quality, always break the eggs into a separate bowl before adding them to the main course. But it is very unfortunate to translate the products because of one spoiled egg ... now the yolk is separated from the protein. This is not difficult to do, you need to adjust.
    Meringue in a microwave oven
  2. Mix protein and powdered sugar in a deep bowl.
    Meringue in a microwave oven
  3. Stir the food until you have a white, homogeneous mass.
    Meringue in a microwave oven
  4. Form small solid balls.
    Meringue in a microwave oven
  5. Put the balls in the microwave for three minutes. What did this come about? You were not mistaken: the real high quality meringue cake is ready!
    Meringue in a microwave oven
  6. Strawberries traditionally serve as a good addition to such cakes. To enhance the taste, you can sprinkle the dessert with lemon juice.
    Meringue in a microwave oven

And here is a video that will show you how professionals prepare such a dessert. At you it will turn out is not worse at all!

To brighten up your not a very good day,Spend a couple of minutes preparing this dessert. Its advantages are not only in the simplicity of cooking and elementary ingredients. This recipe is very useful, from protein food you will not gain excess weight. Protein - a building material for the body's cells, such a sweetness will surely come in handy for those who always sit on diets and go in for sports.

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