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What to do if you have a stroke

A stroke can quickly be recognized: a violation of human speech, Skewed face, Loss of consciousness, balance, coordination - its main signs. If you have witnessed such a disaster, remember what you need to do.

It is very important to quickly provide the victim with first aid - while doctors are traveling, a person's life is under threat. exist Chinese methodology, Which is based on reflexology and needle-sticking.

It is extremely effective and can save the victim of a stroke from the terrible consequences of this dangerous condition! To help the victim, enough in the right places to prick it with a needle.

Carefully read the instructions, how to act! There is nothing more valuable than human life.

Finger, blood

What to do in case of stroke

Call an ambulance. Sit down the victim of a stroke, keep calm. Take the needle from the syringe (if not, any other non-sterile needle or pin will do) and conduct such manipulations.

  1. Hold the needle over the fire if it is not sterile.
  2. Pierced the tips of all 10 fingers in the hands of the victim. Do an injection about a millimeter from the nail plate.
  3. The blood should flow slightly out of the puncture sites. If the blood does not appear - squeeze your fingers a little.
  4. A few minutes the blood does not need to stop if it appears.
  5. If the victim's mouth is twisted and the face is skewed - pull the ears with force, they should blush.
  6. Pierced each lobe two times, from the injection site, too, blood should appear.

Why it is necessary to act this way? Stroke provokes Capillary rupture In the brain. It is impossible to move the victim sharply - just simply carefully seat him. Bloodletting will help a person to quickly recover and can protect the unfortunate from the pernicious Consequences of a stroke!!

The most terrible processes in the brain usually occur on the way to the hospital - when the injured person is injured, the brain is broken, the capillaries break, and a powerful hemorrhage occurs.

If you try to provide first aid in this way, there is a high probability that a person will immediately feel better!

When the life of a person is at stake - all means are good! Remember this unique method of first aid in stroke and share it with your loved ones.