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Ice cream from fruit

Homemade ice cream is the favorite dessert of many. Today "so simple!" Will delight all sweet tooth with a new recipeUnusual ice cream from fruit. It consists of only natural ingredients, and in the preparation there is nothing difficult! Try to make this magic dessert at least once, and it will be your favorite!

Homemade ice cream from fruit


  • fruits and berries
  • Juice (white grape juice is used in the video lesson, as it is not too sweet, but not too sour and will not spoil the taste of berries and fruits, and you can also take apple juice)
  • Forms for fruit ice (they can be purchased at any store in the department of home products)


  1. Now we begin to prepare ourIce cream. Carefully wash and peel the berries and fruits. Cut them into small pieces. To make the ice cream look good and it was delicious, it's worth taking only good ripe berries.
  2. Now start to densely lay fruit and berries in molds so that the wooden sticks can keep in shape in an upright position before freezing.
  3. Fill them with juice, but do not rush, because the juice must seep into the smallest spaces between the fruits.

And in this video you can clearly see how this delicacy is prepared.

For the preparation of such home-made ice cream, you can use any fruit and berries. Do not be afraid to experiment and surprise!

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