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Benefits of exercise "Birch"

Many of us, in order to maintain themselves in good physical condition and have excellent health, choose a run or a long walk. These classes help to increase Volume of lungs, Strengthen the heart muscle and bring the work of all organs into a normal state.

But if you absolutely do not have time for long training, then you should take advantage of a recommendation from a physiologist, a researcher of traditional Systems of recovery And Candidate of Biological Sciences Minvaleev rinad.

He advises every day to perform asana, which is called in yoga sarvangasana or in a simple way "birch" or "candle".

Make a "birch" you need at least a minute,Gradually increasing the time to three minutes. While performing blood flow through the vertebral artery to the occipital part, as well as the work of all organs, therefore its name is literally translated "posture for the whole body."

Exercise "birch"


  1. Strengthening the heart muscle.
  2. Prevention of varicose veins and hemorrhoids.
  3. Improvement of blood circulation.
  4. Positive influence on the work of organs and body systems.
  5. Strengthening of the spine.

If you do the asana properly, you can cureVarious diseases of the thyroid gland in the initial stages. When performing this exercise, a "chin lock" should be formed. For this, the thoracic spine should be placed vertically. If the scab is normal, then the "lock" is optional.

It is forbidden to perform this exercise for problems with the spine, pain in the neck or tremor of the hands.


After "birch" it is desirable to perform matsiasana - "fish pose". This exercise helps to restore Hormonal balance. Lie on your back and make the maximum deflection with support on the elbows and the pelvis. Legs stretch. Tilt your head back, but do not touch the floor with it. Being in this position for at least one minute.

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