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Simple decoration for a cake

The majority of housewives when preparing a dishPay more attention to its taste qualities, rather than appearance. But why? Because to make, for example, a beautiful cake, as in the picture, it seems unreal in the usual kitchen of the usual ingredients.

It is possible, if you just decorate a regular confectionery product with a single component!

Simple decoration for a cake

You will need

  • scissors
  • Marshmallow

Marshmallow is zephyr-like sweets that are inexpensive and sold in any supermarket. If they are not at hand, you can try using marshmallows.


  1. Take the marshmallow and make 4 slits on the candy, without cutting it to the end.
  2. Decoration for a cake

  3. Make a fan, swinging fingers with candy. So that the marshmallow does not stick to your fingers, you need to sprinkle flour on your hands.
  4. Decoration for a cake

  5. Clip the sides of the fan to each other to make a flower.
  6. Decoration for a cake

  7. Cut a small piece of candy.
  8. Decoration for a cake

  9. Make a small cake out of it, and then twist it so that the cone has turned out. Attach it to the middle of the flower.
  10. Decoration for a cake

  11. Candy can be painted with food spray paint, and you can buy already colored marshmallow.
  12. Decoration for a cake

  13. Ready!
  14. Decoration for a cake

This simple decoration will make your culinary products more interesting and original.

Share this simple master class with your friends for the original Edible decoration!!