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Potato fans

Among a huge number Dishes from potatoes It is necessary to note this bright and very unusual recipe. The potato fans look very nice, and for their preparation you need only large potatoes, butter, salt and about 40 minutes of time.

This dish is perfect for dinner, and you can add a little variety to your family's menu!

Potato fans


  1. Take a few large potatoes (inDepending on how many people you cook). Wash them and cut a barrel of potatoes so that it stably stands on the surface. Then cut into thin strips, but do not bring the knife to the end so that they stick together. Leave about 1 cm.
  2. Put the workpiece on a baking sheet and abundantly grease them with a mixture of vegetable and melted butter (1: 1). Salt and send to the oven.
  3. Bake on foil until crisp.

But here's the video with this alluring recipe:

if you are Cook potatoes Thus, your family will definitely ask for supplements, because it is very difficult to resist such a crunchy and delicious dish!