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Stretching for the body

If you are an advocate of an active lifestyle, do not be lazy to do exercises in the morning or visit a fitness center - this article is for you. as is known, Proper stretching Still called half the exercise, because in this way a person prepares his body for a significant load.

To stretch the muscles properly, you need to get toFeelings of mild discomfort and hold in this state for 30 seconds. So the body gets used to this procedure, the pain threshold increases and there is an opportunity to drag on. Offer you some examples of how to stretch different parts of the body.

How to stretch the muscles

Muscles of the hands (biceps and triceps)

  1. Vertical stretching
  2. Hanging on the crossbeam with a supine grip
  3. hands behind head

Muscle stretching

Muscle group of the leg (quadriceps) and hamstrings

  1. Knee flexion
  2. Hip flexion with knee support
  3. Thigh extension with elongated knee

Muscle stretching

Muscles of the neck and shoulders

  1. Slopes
  2. Horizontal alignment
  3. Chateau behind the back

Muscle stretching

Large and small pectoralis

  1. Case rotation
  2. Gap between supports
  3. Stretch with a Swedish wall

Muscle stretching

Muscular group of leg (shank)

  1. Arm draft
  2. Stretching with an emphasis on a heel

Muscle stretching

Muscular group of leg (buttocks)

  1. The hip rotation lying on the floor
  2. Hip standing
  3. Flexion and internal rotation of the thigh

Muscle stretching

Muscles of the hands (forearms and brushes)

  1. Frontal extension of fingers
  2. Bending fingers from the "lock" position
  3. Flexion of fingers with the help of another

Muscle stretching

Muscle group of the leg (adductor muscles)

  1. Hip sitting
  2. Hip removal
  3. Abduction of the hip with an emphasis on the knees

Muscle stretching

Many people underestimate the stretch,On the basic exercises. Hope, after our article you will not repeat their mistakes and give stretching muscles just as much attention as they deserve. Do not forget to share this article with your friends. Physical education-hello!