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What happens when a person quits smoking

Quit smoking is not so easy, especially if a person has smoked a significant part of his life. But it is necessary to make each cigarette-dependent person, after all Cigarettes - slow and cruel killers. When a person quits smoking, his body begins to work quite differently - each body is gradually restored and returns to normal functioning.

Today "so simple!" Tell you what changes will happen to you if you decide to permanently get rid of this Bad habit.

If you quit smoking ...

  1. After 20 minutes
    Already in a third of an hour after the last cigarette you smoked Blood circulation will improve, Which will increase the sensitivity of the fingers and toes.
  2. Organism

  3. After 8 hours
    The amount of carbon monoxide in the blood will decrease, and the oxygen level will return to normal.
  4. Carbon in the body

  5. After 2 days
    In just 48 hours from your bodyNicotine will be completely removed, but as soon as this happens, you will very much like to smoke. Also after 2 days your taste buds will begin to function in normal mode. You will begin to feel much better tastes and even begin to add less spices to your meal, and reducing salt intake will only benefit you. In addition, your sense of smell will also return to normal.
  6. Nicotine in the body

  7. 3 days later
    Already in 72 hours in your lungs will recover the ciliated epithelium, which clears the airways.
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  9. After 7 days
    your blood pressure Will return to normal, which means that the risk of stroke, cardiovascular disease, cardiac and renal insufficiency and angina will decrease at times.
  10. After 14 days
    In two weeks cough will begin to disappear. It will not go right away, because your lungs need time to restore and remove the harmful substances that have accumulated in them. Also, your blood circulation will fully recover, which will affect your sex life - the erection will be stronger and more prolonged.
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  12. 3 months later
    complexion Will become healthier, as the blood begins to improveGo to the upper layers of the skin. Before nicotine it limited, because of what you had pale and dry skin, wrinkles appeared, since collagen was not produced.
  13. complexion

  14. After 1 year
    About a year later all the bright signs of smoking will disappear: the tobacco shade on the fingers will disappear, Plaque Will begin to turn pale.
  15. Snow-white teeth

  16. After 15 years
    The risk of being exposed to various diseases is much reduced, and the likelihood of the occurrence of cancer will be the same as that of a non-smoker.
  17. lungs

Once with the human body there are such tremendous changes after giving up cigarettes, then why do so many people around the world continue to smoke? Think, do you need Ruin one's health And whether it is worth it.

Help your friends make the right choice and tell them about these metamorphoses!