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Tips for baking

Many of us are very fond of dishes thatAre cooked in the oven. Usually their taste and aroma is simply magical! Of course, you can buy a variety of cakes, cookies, cakes and buns in the supermarket, but they will never be compared to Homemade cakes.

In order to make the stove easier, we have prepared five useful secrets for you. Enjoy your health!

Tips for baking

  1. Many break eggs right into the bowl. If at the same time a piece of shell got into it, just moisten the finger with water and pick up this shell. So it will be easier to get it.
  2. In order for the oil to soften faster, put it on a plate, and top with a hot glass for 1 minute.
    Oil in a hot glass
  3. If you do not have a rolling pin on hand, use a glass bottle.
    Glass bottle instead of rolling pin
  4. You can decorate pastries with colored glaze. For this mix jelly powders with sugar glaze. that's all!
    Colored glaze
  5. Muffins garnish with melted marshmallow. Put it on the cake and send it to the oven for another 5 minutes.
    Muffin cake

    Also from the marshmallow can make a beautiful flower-decoration.

    Marshmallow flower

  6. If the cookie is ready, then keep it fresh and tasty for a long time will help the apple slice, if it is placed in a container for baking.
    Apple and biscuits
  7. To make gluten-free useful flour with your own hands, just chop the oat flakes in the blender.
    Oat flakes in a blender
  8. So that brown sugar remains crumbly, keep it together with a slice of bread.
    Brown sugar

We hope that these tips will be useful to you in the kitchen. Please your loved ones Delicious pastries.

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