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The bodyflex technique is unique in that it always brings results. Even those who are obese afterwards Hormonal failures And serious metabolic disorders, successfully lose weight with the help of this program! The complex was designed by the American grir tea makers.

A woman who gave birth to three children, was able to return toAn excellent form with the help of bodyfights and decided to help other people by opening sports courses. There are several features that distinguish this training from any other: you need to exercise on an empty stomach, best of all - in the morning, before breakfast.

For the result it is necessary to train daily, this is a prerequisite - such a morning breathing exercises. But its efficiency exceeds all expectations ...

In the period of exercise bodifleksom adhere to such a pleasant rule: "do not suffer hunger - have a snack!". Weight loss without special restrictions in nutrition is possible!


Correct breathing. Bodyflex is based on a special breathing, which is worth learning first. If you breathe according to the instructions during the exercise, oxygen is directed clearly into the cells with fat and splits it.

Breathing in bodyflex

  • Deep exhalation;
  • Inhaling full chest;
  • Strong exhalation;
  • Holding the breath with the maximum retracted belly (at this point you need to take the pose of the exercise that you perform);
  • A sharp breath.

Breathing is quite simple, enoughTry several times. Take the initial posture: put your feet at a width of 30-35 centimeters, palms rest two and a half centimeters above your knees - you will look as if you are about to sit down.

Having collected lips in a tube, slowly exhale allair. Breathe in quickly through your nose. Exhale, opening your mouth wide, all the air to the point of refusal. Close your mouth and maximally pull your stomach. This is an extremely useful exercise - in addition to training the muscles of the abdomen and tightening the skin, there is also an internal Massage of the stomach.

After a few lessons you will notice how digestion has improved! After holding your breath and doing the right posture, relax and breathe in the air, feel how it filled your lungs.


5 basic poses for training in bodyflex

All poses are performed in the fourth stage of breathing - when the stomach is drawn. Each exercise must be repeated 4 times.

  1. chest
    Stand exactly with a straight back, legs at shoulder level. Push your palms to each other at the chest level and turn inside. Hold hands in this position on 8 accounts, watch that from an elbow to an elbow there was a straight line. Feel the tension in your hands. The posture strengthens the muscles of the back, chest, hands.
  2. abdominal muscles
    Sit with a flat back, arms stretch forward, keep your legs bent over the width of your shoulders. Hold your breath, gradually deviate back to the maximum possible point.

    Do not take your feet off the floor, keep your back flat. During the exercise you need to feel how the muscles of the stomach work.


  3. Inner thighs
    Sit with a flat back, press the feet against each other and draw as close as possible to yourself. Hold on to your ankles, your elbows on your knees.


    Hold your breath, slowly bend down, pressing your legs to the floor as hard as possible. Exercise exercises very well on the problem areas of the female legs.


  4. Stretching
    Legs straighten, press each other in a sitting position with an even back. Hold your breath, go down, trying to reach the belly of the thigh. A great way to stretch your hamstrings!
  5. buttocks
    Put one foot on the other so that her sock is on the knee of the pressed leg. Do not tear off the buttocks from the floor, slowly stretch forward.

This is an amazing video - exercises for beginners. About the complex itself tells grir chaylders. Thanks to Russian subtitles everything is clear, but the enthusiasm and vigor of women inspire!

Doing such physical practice every day,You do not need to limit yourself in the diet. Grir says that there should not be a feeling of hunger at all! Be sure to have breakfast - breakfast is best served with scrambled eggs with cereal, always have a snack, giving preference to fruits and vegetables.

Lunch should be dense and easy at the same time: 150 grams of meat, a large plate of lettuce, a slice of bread. Do not miss dinner - fish, stewed vegetables, cheese with pita bread fit into the menu of healthy weight loss by bodyflex.

Drink more water - 7 glasses a day will be just wonderful. Sometimes you can afford sweets - thanks to breathing exercises, weight loss will still happen!

Share with your friends an article about the unique bodyflex technique. This is a delightful way to save any figure and keep it in great shape!