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Sandwiches with cheese

Cheese is an ingredient, without which no delicious sandwich will cost! These 30 recipes are a vivid proof of this. Toasted bread With crispy crust and melted cheese combined with other products will teach you to feel the bliss in full ...

Variations of such sandwiches can be invented indefinitely, using cheeses of different kinds. Prepare every day for a new recipe, inspired by these original ideas.

Sandwiches with cheese

  1. Melted to the limit cheese, olives and greens - a combination for lovers of Italian cuisine.
  2. a cheese sandwich

  3. A sandwich with cheese and potatoes. Very nutritious!
  4. Sandwich with potatoes

  5. Salty soft cheese and sweet and sour blueberries get along well in the sandwich.
  6. Burger sandwich

  7. Cheese, avocado and pomegranate. Exquisitely!
  8. Avocado sandwich

  9. A sandwich with pasta and cheese? Looks like a perversion, but it's delicious ...
  10. Sandwich with pasta

  11. Avocado still perfectly matches with cheese ...
  12. Avocado sandwich

  13. Brie cheese and cranberries create a unique taste.
  14. Cranberry sandwich

  15. A sandwich with seafood and cheese will remind you of the ocean ...
  16. Sandwich with seafood

  17. Ham, cheese and a couple of pieces of pineapple. It does not describe in words!
  18. Ham sandwich

  19. Pesto sauce is a good addition to any cheese sandwich.
  20. Sandwich with pesto

  21. Pretzel with bacon and cheese. Do not miss the opportunity to cook such a yummy!
  22. a cheese sandwich

  23. A sandwich with soft cheese and vegetables - more healthy food and you will not think up.
  24. A sandwich with vegetables

  25. Fried pork will make a sandwich with cheese even more nutritious ...
  26. A sandwich with meat

  27. Chili, cheese, toast and a little lemon juice ... an exotic and very tempting sandwich.
  28. Chili sandwich

  29. Mustard, ham, pork, cucumber, mayonnaise and cheese. A Mexican sandwich!
  30. a cheese sandwich

  31. Cheese, garlic and marinara sauce. It is very interesting to try ...
  32. Sandwich with garlic

  33. A sandwich with cheese and vegetables on the grill. Delicacy!
  34. A sandwich with vegetables

  35. Chicken, hot sauce, brie cheese. It's great!
  36. Chicken sandwich

  37. Eggplant, parmesan and basil. The best vegetarian sandwich is ready!
  38. Asparagus, avocado, dill and sesame make the cheese sandwich surprisingly fragrant.
  39. Spinach and artichoke - products that are not very fond of putting in sandwiches. But in vain! With cheese it's very tasty ...
  40. Cheese and condensed milk in a sandwich? are you serious?
  41. Bacon, cheese and hot guacamole sauce. For lovers of the most spicy!
  42. Pizza can fit in a sandwich. do not trust?!
  43. Apple and brie cheese will make a sandwich the best addition to champagne.
  44. Cheese and "nutella" ... yes, it's very tasty. highly.
  45. Mozzarella perfectly harmonizes with fresh herbs and cabbage. Try it!
  46. Potatoes fried with cheese ... no comments needed.
  47. avocado? there is! Mozzarella? On the spot! Greens and spinach? Are present!
  48. Chicken, cheese and waffles ... my dream breakfast.

It seems that any kind of food is combined with cheese! But it's better to know the proven recipes to get the most delicious result. When habitual sandwiches have become boring, these Cheese sandwiches Will help you - a variety of tastes will make the mood bright. Down with the routine, go ahead and make a cheese sandwich!