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Benefits of Chinese magnolia vine

Schisandra Ripen in September, which means it's time to collectHarvest! These magical berries are an excellent medicinal raw material. In the composition of berries of Chinese magnolia vine there is a substance schisandrine, an excellent natural stimulant.

Schisandrine raises blood pressure,Has a restorative and tonic effect. For a good work of the central nervous system, respiratory system and heart Schizandra is extremely useful!

Benefit of Schisandra

Miracle-fruit increase efficiency and showAll people who have serious mental and physical stress. For people with low blood pressure this plant is a real savior. Decoction, dried fruit or juniper from juniper can replace morning coffee: the effect will be very powerful, the body is provided with energy for the whole day.

With vegetovascular dystonia, asthenic syndrome and general weakness it is worth including a valuable product in your vitamin diet. Offer several Recipes with Schisandra fruit, Which will successfully replace many drugs and improve health. Lucky for those who grow Chinese lemongrass in his dacha ...

Chinese Schisandra

Chinese Schisandra Often called the "berry of five tastes". The fruits combine the impossible: simultaneously bitter, sweet, sour, salty and tart taste. Everything that you prepare from Schizandra will be very specific, - medicine, that's it!

  1. Tincture of fresh lemongrass
    This is a very strong tonic! Pour 3 parts of lemon grass berries with 1 part of 70% alcohol. In a day the preparation will be ready for use. It should take 20 drops, mixed with water, half an hour before meals 3 times a day. Tincture relieves fatigue, drowsiness, increases appetite and tones the body's defenses.
  2. Tincture "strong"
    Chop the lemongrass and fill it with 70%Alcohol. On 20 g of berries you need 100 ml of alcohol - 1: 5. In a bottle of dark glass, insist magnolia vine until 10 days, periodically shaking. Then strain the tincture, squeeze the remainder and add it to the filtered liquid. A couple of days tincture is ready. For prophylactic purposes and for the treatment of nervous exhaustion, 30 drops of tincture on an empty stomach are taken for 3 weeks.
  3. Powder from the Schisandra seeds
    Mop the berries, separate the seeds and dry them. Prepare the powder with a coffee grinder. 3 grams per day of this drug is enough to maintain a very high performance. Powder of sunflower seeds is recommended for athletes and people who often work on the night shift.
  4. Schisandra with honey
    Rinse Schizandra, rinse, cut into halves andPour honey. Store the mixture in the refrigerator. Excellent lemon replacement for tea! A spoonful of Schisandra with honey will help you wake up quickly in the morning and join a new energetic day.
  5. Juice from lemongrass
    Squeeze the juice from ripe lemongrass berries, you canLeave the bones in it, you can - take it out, because they have a characteristic bitter taste. Mix the juice with sugar, pour into a container with a dark glass. Juice is perfectly stored in a closed container for up to 3 years, without molding or souring. It can be used with tea, add to pastries, desserts, - a delicate lemon flavor is incredibly pleasant.
  6. Apple jam with Chinese magnolia vine
    For jam will need berries of Schisandra, apples andsugar. Broth of lemongrass, rub it through a sieve. A lot of useful substances contain the seeds - do not throw them away, leave them in jam. Skip the apples through a meat grinder and cook together with lemon and sugar. Gentle jam with a pleasant scent ready! You can add as much sugar as you want, depending on taste preferences. But even with a small amount of sugar, this jam will be tasty, and, most importantly, will bring more benefits than ordinary jam.

When the forces leave, apathy begins, you do not want to do anything, - take a little Chinese magnolia vine. If there are no fresh berries, you can chew Dried Schisandra, Which is always in abundance on the shelf with dried fruits. Even dried fruits are valuable.

Dry leaves and shoots of Schisandra can be brewed- you will get a spicy, invigorating tea. Lemongrass is used to treat impotence and gastritis - with increased acidity use powder from seeds, with reduced - the juice of berries.

Chinese magnolia excites the bark of the headBrain, but it does not cause depletion of nerve cells! This is an immaculate natural stimulant without the addictive effect. It is contraindicated in magnolia vine for people with cardiovascular disorders, high blood pressure, children under 12 and pregnant women.

We recommend that you take advantage of Medicinal properties of Chinese magnolia vine!! Tell your friends about this miracle cure.