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Meat Rolls

In the summer many people on weekends are chosen for nature. The favorite occupation of the majority is cooking delicious dishes on the grill. So the recipe that we offer will be just the way.

The dish turns out very satisfying and appetizing. It will not leave indifferent lovers Meat delicacies. Stuffing you can think of yourself. Experiment and you will succeed!

Meat rolls


  • 2 kg of stuffing
  • 100 g of bacon or tallow
  • 1 can of beer

Ingredients for filling (to choose from)

  • cheese
  • Mushrooms
  • Tomatoes
  • bacon
  • Pepper and more


  1. Blind from minced meat 6 balls. On each ball, push in the middle with a jar of beer.
    chopped meat
  2. Shape the stuffing, as in the photo. Fix the resulting with the help of bacon or fat, wrapping the mince around.
    chopped meat
  3. Then gently remove the jar. You will get a "well", where you need to put the stuffing. So that he holds the form better, put it in the refrigerator.
    chopped meat
  4. Prepare the filling on the grill. Tomatoes, peppers and mushrooms are best suited. Cooked stuffed minced meat.
  5. These gourmets can be sprinkled with grated cheese.
  6. Then cook the dish on the grill.
  7. Voila. No more unnecessary words. Just look at the photo. Bon Appetit!

In more detail the preparation process can be viewed in the video:

It's very hearty and tasty Grilled dish, Which has long been a favorite for many. Try to cook on the weekends. Share this interesting idea with your friends!