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What a child can cook

Why do some people hate to cook and are lazy to make even the simplest dishes for themselves? Most likely, they simply did not learn to cook as a child! Children prepare themselves, If everything is organized correctly.

If the child is lured to the kitchen and instructed himCooking some elementary food, he will perceive the process as a game, introduce yourself as a cook and get used to the idea that cooking is fun, simple and even interesting!

All you need is a sharp knife, a microwave and the right products. A small cook will be happy to cook a treat not only for his family, but also for friends - Children's party With these dishes will definitely be successful!

What a child can cook

  1. Canape
    for this Simple snacks You need white bread and various products that will serve as a filling. Slices of bread a child can cut into squares, triangles, circles (cut with the help of a pile).

    Variants of fillings: Oil + cheese + ham / sausage / boiled chicken,Oil + berry jam + soft cheese, peanut butter + honey + banana, cucumber + ham / boiled fish + ketchup, butter + egg white + pate. A ready sandwich is pierced with a skewer. For decoration you can use greens, pieces of vegetables and fruits.

  2. Canape

  3. Rolls
    From soft breadbread can be made notOnly canapes, but also rolls! If the kitchen has bread with a crust, it is better to cut it for a roll, leaving only a soft square-base. Idea: bread can be replaced with thin lavash, for convenience pita bread is cut with scissors on even squares.

    Variants of fillings: Ham + soft cheese, ham + lettuce,Oil + soft cheese, butter + pâté, mayonnaise + sprats, peanut butter + honey, butter + jam, a mixture of grated cheese and tomato flesh + thin strips of cold beef. Bread with a filling gently folds into a tube.

    Do not limit the child's imagination: Sometimes children like to experiment and combine products that are difficult to call a harmonious pair. For example, add a piece of apple in a fish sandwich ... support the initiative of the baby, give vent to his creativity - perhaps he will invent a completely new dish! Well, and will understand by own experience that it is tasty, and with what ingredients it is not worthwhile experimenting with experiments.

  4. Rolls of bread

  5. Cake in a cup


    • flour
    • milk
    • butter
    • vegetable oil
    • granulated sugar
    • A few raisins
    • Jam / condensed milk / chocolate syrup

    In a normal cup you need to melt 3 tbsp. L. Butter - 2 minutes in the microwave will be enough for this business. In the melted butter must be added 4 tbsp. L. Flour, 2 tbsp. L. Sugar and 3 tbsp. L. Vegetable oil. Here to drive an egg, stir everything, pour milk to half a mug.

    In the mixture add raisins or any other dried fruits. A mug with a well-mixed dough is placed in a microwave oven, the cake is cooked for 3 minutes at the highest power. The ready cake is easily shaken out onto a plate and poured on top with syrup or condensed milk. M-m-m ...

  6. Cake in a cup

  7. Stuffed eggs and tomatoes with stuffing
    For this nutritious snack, you will need eggs, tomatoes and products for the filling. The most difficult skill that a child must master for this recipe - Cooking eggs.

    You can teach a baby to cook eggs in a ladle onPlate, or you can - in the microwave. So that eggs cooked in a microwave oven do not explode, you need to put two eggs in a standard 300 ml cup, add 1 tsp. Salt and pour boiling water.

    Cooked Eggs in the microwave 10 minutes at a power of 480 watts. Eggs cleaned, cut in half and take out the yolks. Tomatoes, too, cut into 2 parts and take out the pulp, mix it with yolk.

    In this mass to add grated cheese and mayonnaise, fill the filling with eggs and tomatoes. Varieties of toppings: Finely chopped ham + grated soft cheese,Finely chopped ham + mayonnaise, butter + pate, finely chopped cucumbers, sprats + mayonnaise, green peas + mayonnaise, brynza + tomato pulp, marinated honey mushrooms, quartered olives without pits.

  8. stuffed eggs

  9. Banana biscuits


    • Bananas
    • Coconut chips
    • butter

    Cut bananas and mash with a blender or fork untilHomogeneous state, as an option - grate. Mix with coconut. Lubricate the plate with a piece of butter and put on it a cookie. Dry the biscuits in the microwave for 5 minutes.

    In the banana mass, if desired, you can add cocoa, and then the cookies will become chocolate! On top of the sweetness can be sprinkled with finely chopped nuts, also very tasty.

  10. Banana biscuits

These unpretentious recipes are a real godsend for parents who understand how important Develop the child's independence!!

Dishes are delicious, because the beginnerThe chef will be satisfied with the result and will repeat the experience more than once. The heart of any parent melts at the sight of a child swarming in the kitchen. Show your friends what their child is capable of - even a kid can be a cook!