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From what the chest saggers

It is believed that the breast is one of the mostAttractive parts of the female body. So the fair sex is concerned with the question of preserving its shape and beautiful appearance. Many believe that only breastfeeding results in Sagging breasts And therefore are afraid to have children.

But modern research by the AmericanSociety of plastic surgeons prove that first of all, the elasticity of the breast is affected by tobacco. Dr. Rinker and his fellow scientists from the University of Kentucky examined 132 women. Most of them at least once in their lives became mothers and nursed children. But the study found that not all women who were breastfed had problems with elasticity.

From which the chest saggers


It turned out that taking long hot baths, sharp and abnormal weight loss, poor selection of a bra were Negative factors, Which caused this problem. But it was also determined that smoking is the main reason for reducing the elasticity of the breast.

"Tobacco smoking is destroyed by elastin, which gives the skin elasticity. He also supports the chest. Cigarettes are the worst enemy ", Says Dr. Rinker.

"Pregnancy actually increases the risk of sagging breasts. But if everything goes well, and there are no abnormalities, the breast will be in order " Says Dr. Hancock.

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