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Recipes of canapes

Tiny sandwiches, Pierced skewers - it's always beautiful! More elegant food is hard to imagine. Canapes will help the hostess when it is necessary to arrange an urgent reception at home, and for cooking time is short. Tasty alcoholic beverages and unusual canapé sandwiches - all that is needed for an improvised homemade buffet table.

The main trick when preparing these miniature snacks is to choose products that harmoniously match each other. View these examples Canape, They do not require a detailed description of the recipe: the picture perfectly shows which products to use to impress guests with original tastes.

Canapé recipes

  1. Fruit canapé! Now it's summer, so experiment with fruits and berries safely. Canapé with strawberries and pineapple - a smart addition to the cooled dry wine.
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  3. Fish is very well combined with lemon and lime, keep this in mind when preparing fish sandwiches.
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  5. Tomato, cucumber and sausage. What simple products! But their combination gives an excellent result.
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  7. Olives, a slice of ham, cheese ... this option of canape you want to do for yourself right for dinner!
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  9. A minimum of products can be very useful at a critical time.
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  11. Canapé with cheese and greens - a huge space for creativity.
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  13. Do not forget about the aesthetics of sandwich design, this is very important.
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  15. Canapé with salmon on a cushion of omelette with vegetables. Be sure to remember this awesome recipe!
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  17. Cheese of different varieties and grapes: very appetizing duet.
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Toast the bread for the canapé, you will change the tasteWhole mini-sandwich. Use various spices to enhance the taste: black pepper, dried Italian herbs, mint and basil, dill and parsley. With greens canapes not only tastier, but also much prettier! The edible base - fish, meat and cheese - should be cut into thin slices or neat little squares.

Canapé can be made from anything! Inspire friends to create Original snacks, Showing them this article.