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First aid for poisoning

Stale and substandard products very often cause poisoning. Further exacerbating the situation is the habit of our people to overeat during a tumultuous feast. can Survive serious intoxication, If you drink too much alcohol, use a dose of drugs exceeding the norm.

Toxic substances And pathogenic bacteria that enter the body together with spoiled food, provoke the appearance of nausea, headache, upset stomach and intestines, an increase in temperature.

Remember the scheme that will save you from the terrifying Consequences of poisoning!! Also we will tell you what you need to do to make such an unpleasant state visit your oracle very rarely.

Signs of food poisoning

  1. Fever
  2. headache
  3. dizziness
  4. Pain in the abdomen, intestines
  5. Rumbling in the abdomen and its swelling
  6. Vomiting
  7. stomach upset
  8. General weakness, muscle pain

First aid in poisoning

  1. Gastric lavage
    Used only for children over 5 years and adults! The kid in the case of poisoning is best sent immediately to the hospital in order to avoid serious consequences.

    Drink 3-4 cups of liquid: a light pink Manganese solution Or a soda solution (1 tbsp. Soda per liter of water). It is very good, if after reception of a liquid it will turn out to cause a vomiting. Drink as much as possible, to nausea - in which case the stomach will self-clean. If severe poisoning, a person will not be able to even drink - in this case, urgent hospitalization is important.

  2. Activated carbon
    The affected person should be given an activated carbon drink when Gastric lavage finished. In calculation for 10 kg of weight one tablet of the activated coal is necessary - if you weigh 70 kg, 7 tablets are necessary.
  3. Cool compress
    If the temperature does not drop, a cool compress on the forehead will be very useful. But in no way too cold!
  4. Laxative
    If the patient does not have a stomach disorder, he should drink a laxative for Cleansing of the intestine. The cleansing enema will also be appropriate. At a strong frustration the laxative, certainly, is counter-indicative.

    It is recommended to drink 1 tablet of the drug"Loperamide", and also - to drink an alkaline drink (a soda solution, a solution of water with salt and soda, you can drink mineral water of the Borjomi type), to prevent dehydration.

  5. Chilling
    Body temperature with severe poisoning canNot only increase, but also decrease. If the victim is shivering, he freezes - you can put the heating pad on his feet, give a hot, medium-strength black tea.
  6. Antipyretics
    If the temperature is high and keeps onThe critical mark is stable, without antipyretic drugs can not do. But you have to be extremely careful with them! The fact is that the means for reducing heat contain in its composition dangerous substances for the liver, and in fact the liver suffers so much during poisoning.

    Use antipyretic agents in a strict dosage, study the instruction carefully. Children to give such drugs better after consulting a doctor.

If signs of poisoning do not disappear,Feeling very bad, then call an ambulance. The most important thing is to remove all poisonous substances from the body! Better than doctors, you will not succeed. In time made gastric lavage rescues from severe consequences of poisoning, remember this.

Ginger tea as a medicine to restore the body after poisoning

Zaley 1 tbsp. L. Freshly ginger 2 cups of boiling water, let it brew for 30 minutes. Drink ginger tea every half hour for several tablespoons. Ginger stimulates metabolism and helps the body to quickly get rid of all unnecessary.

So that Avoid poisoning, Always my hands before cooking andReception of food. Defrost meat and fish in the refrigerator, at room temperature, the growth of bacteria is possible! Carefully my products, cook eggs, fish, meat for a sufficient amount of time. Try not to store ready food without a refrigerator.

After the experience of poisoning is recommendedTo visit a sauna or to be engaged in an active physical activity. Through the skin from the body displays a lot of poisons, so the complete cleansing of the body is possible with a strong perspiration.

A good remedy for rehabilitation after intoxication - succinic acid, It is easy to find it in the pharmacy. Succinic acid will help to get rid of the weakness that accompanies the experienced stress.

This information will become a concrete guide to action in case of poisoning, remember it and tell it to others!