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9 sandwiches without bread

Summer has come, and the extra pounds in no wayWant to part with you? Do you dream of buying a stunning swimsuit, but are afraid to appear in it as a hippopotamus? Adhere to a diet, but you do not observe a particular result? It's time to move on to decisive action! Otherwise the summer will pass, and the kilograms will remain!

The recipe for a slim figure is surprisingly simple: you just have to give up bread. heavy? as easy as pie! Offer your attention 9 Ideas for a sandwich, Which will fill your body with useful vitamins and microelements and remove the "orange peel" from the thighs and belly. Give up gluten in favor of healthy food!

Sandwiches without bread

  1. Salmon on a piece of lettuce
    This amazing dish not only saturates the body with unusually useful omega-3 fatty acids, but also for a long time relieves the feeling of hunger.
    Salmon on a piece of lettuce
  2. Sandwich of bell pepper
    The role of a bun in this vegetable sandwich is fulfilledpepper. If you want, that it turned out not only tasty, but also satisfying - fantasize with a variety of ingredients. Our option is cheese, spinach and a slice of avocado.
    Sandwich of bell pepper
  3. Diet paleo bun of sweet potatoes
    The paleo diet is becoming increasingly popular. If you briefly state its essence, then to eat only those foods that our ancestors ate during the Paleolithic period. Sweet potato - just one of those.
    Diet paleo bun of sweet potatoes
  4. Aubergine sandwich on the grill
    In order to appreciate the taste andThe flavor of this vegetable sandwich is the grilled eggplant on both sides and make the filling of those ingredients that you like best. For example, from tomatoes, mushrooms, zucchini and lettuce leaves.
    Aubergine sandwich on the grill
  5. Pancakes from tapioca
    Tapioca is a granular, starchy product that is rich in fiber and essential fatty acids, but does not contain gluten. Pancakes from tapioca - a dish not absolutely habitual, but very tasty.
    Pancakes from tapioca
  6. Tortillas from a meal of a plantain or other wild grasses
    Pancakes from such "wild" flour are obtained with an airy piquant shade, a gentle-green color. They can be eaten as bread, served with meat, vegetables or rice.
    Tortillas from a meal of a plantain or other wild grasses
  7. A cucumber sandwich
    This is not quite the usual dish perfectly satisfiesOnly hunger, but also thirst. Cut the cucumber in half and scrape the core. When such a "submarine" is ready - boldly stuff it with your favorite ingredients and enjoy an extraordinarily juicy taste!
    A cucumber sandwich
  8. Hamburger from tomatoes
    The principle of preparation is the same as that of sandwiches. Choose any stuffing, scrape with a toothpick or a skewer half of a tomato and enjoy a fragrant vegetable sandwich!
    Hamburger from tomatoes
  9. Shiitake mushroom sandwich
    Shiitake are considered a symbol of youth and longevity. And in combination with vegetables and herbs - this is a real vitamin bomb! Thanks to this sandwich you will not only strengthen the body, but you will be one step closer to the swimsuit of your dream!
    Shiitake mushroom sandwich

We do not know how you are, but we are already drooling.From a kind of the above-stated tasty sandwiches. Yes, with such variety to refuse bread it is completely not terrible! Are ready to argue that your friends also want to give up bread at least for the summer season. All the more - now is the time to enjoy fresh vegetables and fruits!