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Reasons to make a shoulder bridge

Many of us did this exercise in school at Physical education lessons, But then almost no one thought about his unconditional benefit. At any age, the brachial bridge has a beneficial effect on the body.

We have prepared for you a number of reasons that will surely convince you at least once a day to do this Universal exercise. But first you need to make a complex warm-up.

Exercise bridge

Brachial bridge

  1. Decreased pain in the knees and back
    This problem often happens in people with sedentaryWork. The bridge uses the muscles of the back of the legs and back, resulting in a balance of load on the muscles. All muscles work together and this reduces pain and the risk of injury.
  2. Improving the effectiveness of training
    This exercise will help you strengthen the buttocks. Strong buttocks improve athletic performance. Training will be more effective and you will be able to achieve better results.
  3. Strengthening of abdominal muscles
    When this exercise isAll the muscles of the abdomen, which contributes to its alignment. If you always dreamed of the figure of an hourglass, then the shoulder bridge should be in your training program.
  4. Clothes will sit better
    The shoulder bridge will improve the shape of the buttocks. Clothes will look better on you.
  5. Straightening of the posture and use for the back
    This is one of the best exercises for strengthening the muscles of the back. With its regular implementation, you can protect the spine from various diseases.

    A deflection in the back improves blood circulation. Muscles get more nutrition and this stimulates their growth. The spine is also strengthened and the posture straightens.

    When performing all the vertebrae participate. This exercise is able to bring them back into place.

To strengthen the muscles perform the bridge in different variations.

Bridge with cargo
Lie with your back on the floor, bend your knees and put your feet onWidth of shoulders. Put a small load on the hips, holding it with your hands. Little by little lift your hips off the floor. Linger at the top. Return slowly to its original position and repeat.

Narrow bridge
Lie on a flat floor on your back, keep your legs together, knees bend. Gradually lift the hips up. Try to stay a little longer at the top, and then slowly sink down.

Gradual bridge
Lie down on the floor, bend your knees, press your hands to the floor, feet shoulder width apart. Lift up your hips a little. Then lower them and gradually raise them again.

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