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Delicious summer salads

Now most of us enjoy summer, eat Delicious fruits and vegetables, Replenishing vitamin reserves. Those who like unusual solutions in cooking, try at this time to diversify their diet and prepare something special.

We suggest that you pay attention to Summer salads, Because they include "light" products,vegetables and fruits. If any ingredient you are missing, plug in the imagination and prepare something of your own. Perhaps, this dish will become your crown.

Recipes for summer salads

  1. Mexican salad
    Mexican salad

    The composition of this delicious Mexican salad includes bacon, avocado, corn, feta cheese, greens, arugula or Pekinese cabbage to taste.

  2. green salad
    green salad

    Celery salad, Fennel, walnut, seasoned with wine sauce, cook and have a pleasure.

  3. Salad with wheat germ
    Salad with wheat germ

    Many people know about the benefits of wheat germ. We suggest making a salad based on it, as well as adding a watercress, fresh cucumber and a green apple to it. If you want to make a salad more nutritious, add to it to taste pieces of smoked chicken or salmon.

  4. Exquisite salad
    Exquisite salad

    For connoisseurs of delicious and unusual cuisine, we offer a salad of broccoli, bacon, hard cheese and raisins.

  5. Salad with strawberries
    Salad with strawberries

    Strawberry is the favorite berry of many. So we suggest that you pay attention to the salad with her, avocado, spinach leaves, curd cheese and almonds. Sprinkle this yummy can be poppy.

  6. Greek salad

    fresh vegetables With feta cheese do not lose their relevance.

  7. Juicy salad
    Juicy salad

    To diversify your summer diet, try to prepare a salad with mango, onion, sweet pepper, Peking cabbage, mint and cashew.

  8. green salad

    A green salad of green beans, green peas, feta and goat cheese will suit any fish or meat dish. From above it is possible to pour lemon juice.

  9. Salad from asparagus and eggs
    Salad from asparagus and eggs

    To prepare this Appetizing salad, You need to have any greens, Bulgarian pepper, fresh cucumber, red onions. And you can fill it with a few drops of red wine.

All these salads are very light and juicy. Just what you need in the summer.

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