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How to make thighs slender

All want to have slender, Smart hips. But squatting is not an exercise for everyone: Bored to do the same thing, many do not feel the effect of squats without weight. Fortunately, the squat is not the only way to improve the shape of the buttocks and bring the leg muscles into tone.

for Home workout The data of 10 exercises,Aimed at strengthening the hip zones. Elastic, smooth skin on the legs and the pope, beautiful shape of the buttocks - all this is worth the effort that you put in these simple exercises. Effect magnificent!

Exercises for slender hips

  1. Lifting of the leg in the supine position
    Lift straightened tense legs in turnAt an angle of 45 degrees. At the point of the highest tension, harden and stay for a minute. Try to choose a position in which the foot will not tremble.
  2. Foot lift

  3. Bridge on straight arms
    It is best to adopt such a position from the positionLying, it's safe. Make an emphasis on straight hands, kick your feet on the floor only on your socks. Frost in this position for the maximum possible time - up to 1 minute.
  4. bridge

  5. Right angle
    Kneel, rest on your straightened arms. Take your foot to the side at an angle of 90 degrees, bend it and hang in this position for half a minute. Repeat with the other leg. Remember that static exercises are as effective as training in a gym with weight!
  6. Hip exercise

  7. Carrying weight from one leg to the other
    One leg straighten, the second - bend and rest on it in the squat. Stay in the point of maximum voltage for 1 minute, change the leg. Repeat this several times.
  8. Hip exercise

  9. Lifting the leg to the side in a supine position
    Alternately slowly raise your right legs to the sides from a position lying on your side, slowly lower. Feel how the whole leg works.
  10. Foot lift

  11. Lifting the leg backwards
    Focus on straight arms, one leg bend inKnee, the second - straighten and take it back. Stay in this uncomfortable, but very effective position as far as you can for a long time. At first the buttocks can be very painful, but this is only good! Repeat with the other leg.
  12. Foot lift

  13. Incomplete bridge
    Lie down on the floor, stretch straight arms along the trunk. Legs bend in the knees, lift the trunk, straining the buttocks. Stay in a tense position for 1 minute. Repeat the exercise 2-3 times.
  14. bridge

  15. Steps on the step
    Do steps with each foot in turn - put your foot on a high stand, the second bend in the knee and slightly sink down. It is convenient to carry out such an exercise with a chair of medium height.
  16. Steps

  17. Horse pose
    Spread your legs as wide as possible, take a shallow sitting. Stand in this position for a minute, keep your hands in front of you. Muscles will burn if you do everything right!
  18. Horse pose

  19. Deep squeeze
    Deep squat, delayed at the point of maximum voltage for 30 seconds. It is more difficult to sustain ...


Stretching exercises are ideal forTraining at home: no unnecessary noise, do not need additional shells. Performing this complex instead of the usual charging, you can achieve a rabid muscle tone of the legs, an excellent form of the buttocks and a good mood. You will immediately notice the result, and it will become a wonderful motivation! Have a useful training with friends, this is a real treasure for all women!