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The healing properties of natural stones

Natural stones - Natural biostimulants. Tibetan lamas in ancient times have always used minerals during the preparation of a medicinal potion, popular was the massage of active points on the body with stones, the application of stones to the sick places.

It is believed that Lithotherapy - stone therapy - poorly researched areaAlternative medicine, which is only gaining momentum. The chemical composition of some stones is not known to the end, but many people have experienced positive changes in health and life in general, beginning to wear jewelry made from natural minerals.

We give a list of the most common, accessible stones, which are not only amazingly beautiful, but also have healing power. Not necessarily believe in the effect of such therapy - it is better to try, Stone energy Works wonders!

Healing properties of natural stones

  1. lapis lazuli
    Blue, blue, grayish or purpleOpaque stone. If you put real lazuli in water, the water will not turn pink. Symbol of heaven, when heated, this stone becomes even more saturated shade. The springs of lapis lazuli are high in the mountains.

    If you want to strengthen relationships with your loved one and To achieve mutual understanding in all spheres - wear lapis lazuli more often. Its shade, soft blue, calms and helps to establish contacts between people.

    Useful to lazuli people who work hard inCollective, often utter public speeches - a natural mineral helps the emergence of new ideas and protects from mistakes due to inattention. Helps to cope with nervous exhaustion, insomnia, gives energy and self-confidence.

    lapis lazuli

  2. hematite
    Stone of deep black or dark redColor, is known as black pearl. The main property of this stone is protection, it is very useful for men. A stone is recommended to be worn with diseases of the blood and the genitourinary system.

    In ancient times a stone was worn by soldiers - this Symbol of courage, Courage, knowledge of the world. Best combined with silver, able to protect against unpleasant accidents on the road.


  3. Labrador
    Stone of green, gray hue, with frostedGloss and multi-colored highlights. With its magic overflows, the stone fascinates, raises the mood, promotes a positive attitude in all matters. The mineral is able to relieve stress, helps cope with muscle clamps, treats infertility in both men and women.

    This stone is considered a good assistant for creative people - its unusual coloring contributes to inspiration, emotional recovery, easy work.


  4. turquoise
    present Stone of happiness And financial prosperity! Bright turquoise removes fatigue, brings peace to the house. A man who wears turquoise, less conflict, open to the world.

    Turquoise contributes to the treatment of liver diseases,Stomach, helps to quickly calm down people who are experiencing a lot - it's enough to hold a beautiful pebble in your hands, admire its edge. Turquoise is considered a symbol of morality, fidelity, helps to build a personal life.


  5. coil
    Stone of a dark green, luxurious shade withCharacteristic ornate pattern. The main property of the stone is the absorption of negative energy, emotions, diseases. It is recommended to wear a serpentine for those who actively take medicines and are treated for a serious ailment - the stone at times improves the effectiveness of drugs.

    With kidney disease, increased blood pressure,Malfunctions in the digestive system and various inflammations of the coil facilitates the condition. If from time to time stroking the pleasant surface of the stone, it is very reassuring.


  6. cornelian
    Red-orange stone, which helps to findHis love and hold her. Is very useful for women: it regulates hormonal balance, it works well on the skin, teeth, hair. At a headache it is useful to hold a cornelian at temples or to impose it on the closed eyes - the stone calms, improves blood supply, helps at a high pressure.

    For irritable people carnelian is priceless: its turbid radiance prevents the manifestation of aggression, in time stops the master from performing rash acts.


  7. eye of the Tiger
    The most interesting natural stone that will helpOwner to understand themselves, their true desires and needs. Helps to concentrate, is useful to women - protects from overeating, jealousy, inaccuracy.

    Brown stone is able to clarify the lifeSituation, teaches the owner to pay attention to the details that pass by. It is recommended to wear a tiger's eye during serious life changes, with a lack of optimism. His marvelous radiance will energize and give Vitality!!

    eye of the Tiger

Why do stones have such a huge impact onMan, it's easy to guess. These are pieces of nature that you can touch at any time! Because the human body is part of the living, mobile system of the planet, many chemical elements, Which are present in minerals, are present in small amounts and in our body: in bones, in blood, in skin integuments.

also Natural stones Have a natural beauty that removesStress, struggles with nervous tension - because of nervous overloads, in fact, mainly there are diseases. Choose your stone, which will act soothingly and remind you that nature is always there.

It will take a little time, and you will be convinced of its healing properties!