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10 reasons to run

Run or not run? That's the question! If you still doubt the usefulness of this pastime, we will try to convince you that along with health, running also brings a lot of pleasure. People for whom Daily jogging Has become an integral part of the way of life, has long felt the full force of the following 10 arguments.

so, Than useful running And why should you give him your time?

The benefit of running


  1. Strengthens the heart
    Even a small (but regular!) 10-minute run reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  2. Cheers up
    During the run, the brain produces hormones of joy and pleasure.
  3. Strengthens the joints
    Runners are twice as likely to suffer from knee osteoarthritis compared to those who prefer walking.
  4. Burn calories
    For 30 minutes of running you can burn as many calories,How many per hour of walking. And if you run not just on level ground, but for example, against the wind or climbing up, calories will be much more spent.
  5. Makes the legs beautiful
    Running makes all the muscles of the legs work, making them fit and slender, and also strengthens the gluteal muscles, making the fifth point elastic and attractive.
  6. Strengthens the abdomen
    Run runs the muscles of the abdomen, helping not only Fight fat deposits At the waist, but also stimulating the work of the intestines.
  7. Suitable for people with any work schedule
    Even if you have a very tight schedule and do not have time for the gym, only 10 minutes of jogging a day will help you to maintain your health.
  8. Strengthens endurance
    People who have already made running an integral part of their lives, admit that their body has become much more enduring.
  9. Acts as a meditation
    Many runners admit that during the runThey have the opportunity to see the problem from the side or find the best way out of the situation. Running acts as a meditation, helping to deal with depression and a sense of anxiety.
  10. Allows you to study at any time
    While dancing, swimming or weightlifting have their own schedule, nothing can stop you from jogging right now. You do not depend on anyone!
  11. sneakers

Hopefully, our article has convinced you of the benefits of running, and you will certainly want to test on yourself its fortifying properties!

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