/ / Exercise for the spine "Goldfish"

Exercise for the spine "Goldfish"

sedentary lifestyle Is the scourge of our time. People sit at work for half a day, then, tired and exhausted, come home and try to sit down or even lie down as soon as possible. On those who run in the morning or make walks in the park, many look with bewilderment or, on the contrary, with envy.

Excuses to themselves, loved ones, invented long ago: "it paws the legs, falls off the tail". Can, instead of succumbing to their own diseases, it is better to cure them? an exercise "Goldfish" is exactly what you need! Regular daily classes - and your dream of becoming healthy will come true!

Exercise for the spine "goldfish"


  • Normalization of blood circulation;
  • Release of jammed vessels and nerves;
  • Regulation of the heart, liver, kidneys and brain;
  • Skin cleansing;
  • Relief of nervous tension and stress;
  • Correct posture.

Stretching before exercise

  1. Lie down on the floor or another flat and firm surface.
  2. Put your hands behind your head and try to stretch out to the full length. Legs, too, pull!
  3. Push your heels and hips to the floor, and point your socks on yourself.
  4. Stretch the spine 5-7 seconds.
  5. Alternately stretch in different directions, stretching the spine, like a rope, and simultaneously stretch the heel of the right foot forward, and hands in the opposite direction, counting to seven.
  6. Repeat the same with the left heel.

Exercise for the back

Exercise "goldfish"

  1. Do not change the situation, hands behind your head. Closed palms are under the cervical vertebrae.
  2. Feet tightly pressed to the floor, socks - on yourself.
  3. Start to vibrate the body from right to left, imagining that you are a fish swimming and frolicking in the water. The vibration should be performed within 1-3 minutes.

Exercise for the back


  1. While performing the exercise, press the spine to the floor.
  2. Socks - for yourself, move your body to the right and left, and not up and down. For convenience, you can lift the back of the head and feet.
  3. To achieve maximum effect - do the exercise in the morning and in the evening, starting from 1 minute and gradually bringing the time to 3 minutes.

The result will be felt in a few lessons!

In the fight against ailments the main thing is not to give up andSeek that way of salvation that is right for you. Be sure to try this exercise and tell about it to friends. If the spine is normal - the first step on the road to health is done!