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Eggshells - source of calcium

The egg shell is 90% composed ofHigh-quality calcium, and also from compounds of phosphorus, potassium, iron, magnesium, silicon. Calcium, which we consume together with the eggshell, is very easily absorbed by the body - at times better than special preparations!

Useful properties of the shell are known since ancient times, in many znakhar recipes was present Calcium rich Powder from egg shells.

Research scientists from the United States, Canada and HungaryProved - its composition is surprisingly similar to the human teeth and bones. Regular use of egg shell powder will help you prevent the appearance of osteoporosis and forget about the diseases caused by Calcium deficiency.

As you know, calcium promotes the production of new bone marrow cells by the body - that's what it means for our health!


Egg shell powder

  • Normalization of blood pressure;
  • Decrease in the level of dangerous cholesterol;
  • Prevention of osteoporosis;
  • Rapid treatment for heartburn;
  • Prevention of rickets and anemia in children - all at the expense of iron in the eggshell;
  • Excretion of radionuclides from the body;
  • Treatment of allergies;
  • The normalization of metabolism and the natural release of excess weight;
  • Beauty of hair and nails;
  • Acne treatment - the shell contains zinc, beneficial for the skin;
  • Treatment of chronic diseases of internal organs.


  1. Shell of fresh raw eggs. Pour the contents of the eggs, and shell shell and boil for 5 minutes.
  2. Dry the shell - after 5-6 hours it will be ready for use.
  3. Remove the thin film from the inside of the shell, then prepare the powder, after thoroughly chopping the shell in a mortar.
  4. Store the egg shell powder in a dry, dark place, in a tightly closed container.

You can use a shell of boiled eggs to make powder, but it is considered that it is less effective than the shell of raw eggs. It does not matter which eggs are white or brown.

For shell powder, chicken and quail eggs are used, goose and duck are not recommended for use - on the shell of these eggs are more often found pathogens of salmonellosis and other infections.


Children from the year are recommended to take a pinchEgg shell powder a day to improve growth and prevent calcium deficiency. Gradually the dose of a medicinal product can be increased - in 7 years the child can be given 0.5 tsp. Eggshells a day.

Children after 14 and adults enough 1-2 teaspoons of powder a day to get a daily dose of calcium. A very useful mixture of lemon juice and egg shell powder - this remedy Symptoms of diathesis And allergies in both children and adults.

The powder from the egg shell is able to get rid of problems with the thyroid gland, cure gastritis and cleanse the blood!

Tell this incredible tool to your friends. Egg shell should not be thrown away!