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Pancake from bananas and eggs

If you can not stand complex recipes, then the dish that "so simple!" Offers to cook today, you will definitely have to taste. These nourishing pancakes consist of only two ingredients, which are almost always in the refrigerator.

Cooking a dish does not take too much time, because you just have to grind a banana and beat it with two eggs, and then fry the mixture in olive oil.

The great advantage of this dish is that it does not include flour or sugar. But to add flavor and zest to pancakes, you can pour a little cinnamon or vanilla in the dough.

In the video below it is clearly shown how to prepare these fragrant banana pancakes.

Pancakes from bananas and eggs

This recipe is sure to come in handy when it is necessary to quickly prepare breakfast from a minimum of ingredients, so keep the way of cooking in the bookmarks Banana pancakes, So as not to lose it. And share the video with your friends!