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Diagnosis of the auricle

The connection of all organs in our body is obvious. The presence of hidden diseases can tell the tongue, often the condition of the body is diagnosed by the appearance of the cornea of ​​the eyes and sclera.

The auricle is also an indicator. If the ears look red, get a cyanotic shade, they appear seals - this is a serious reason to think about whether everything is in order with your body.

Body diagnostics By the state of the ears is widely practiced in China - experts can identify the disease without resorting to modern methods such as X-rays and tests! And I want to look in the mirror ...


Diagnosis of the auricle

  1. Large ears of the right form indicate that a person has a good genetic heredity.
  2. small ears - an indicator of low resistance to disease, a person with small ears is important to strengthen their immunity and protect the nervous system.
  3. Flat, ears pinned to the head indicate a predisposition to kidney disease. If the ears are proportional, it means that all organs work in a coordinated fashion.
  4. Ears are too hot, often redden, to themBlood rushes are characteristic signs of the raised pressure. Often people with blushing ears are more irritable, they have an easily excitable nervous system that allows them to react instantly to changes in the external environment.
  5. Cold, pale ears speak of fatigue, low blood pressure, apathy and problems with the intestines.
  6. Cyanotic and crimson color of the ears appears in people suffering Kidney disease, Liver and pancreas. Sometimes blueing of the ears speaks of pulmonary insufficiency and problems with the heart.
  7. Shiny skin on the ears - a sign of atony of the intestine and the weakening of the body.
  8. Wrinkles near the ears - a characteristic sign of vitamin deficiency and general exhaustion of the entire body.
  9. If brown and reddish spots appear on the ears, this indicates a lack of mineral substances in the body, as well as violations in the operation of the small and large intestine.
  10. If the ear lobes are of medium size and regular shape, this indicates a good ability of the body to resist the diseases. A large earlobe is an indicator of weak immunity.
  11. If condensation appears on the lobe, this may indicate a genetic predisposition to oncological diseases.
  12. too Soft earlobe With a large layer of subcutaneous fat is characteristic for people who are genetically predisposed to obesity. Folds on the earlobe - an alarming indicator of a possible stroke, sometimes appear with diabetes.
  13. Elongated lobe is characteristic for people who choose mental work. Square earlobe testifies to the great physical strength and ability to withstand serious loads with ease.
  14. The girl's face

Chinese medicine believes that on the earsThere are a lot of active points connected with internal organs. When something fails - it immediately manifests itself on the ears. With the help of massage ears heal many ailments!

If on the ears there are incomprehensible scars,Hardening, specks, ears change color - it is better not to risk and carefully examine the body for the presence of diseases. Massage of the ear lobe will help to cheer up from the early morning, quickly come to life after dizziness or loss of consciousness.

If you can not sleep, the best way is to put the palm under your ear, it will provide a sweet dream.

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