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Household things that cause cancer

The more we learn about the surrounding objects, theThe simple truth becomes clearer: a person hurts himself. It has long been known that many of the familiar things that can be found in the home of almost everyone contain dangerous substances.

Recent scientific studies confirm: Carcinogens, Such as formaldehyde, triclosan, naphthalene can cause cancer. and what?

Household goods With a high concentration of these dangerous chemicals continue to fill the market, and we carry it all into the house ...

Get acquainted with this important information - it is never too late to make your home a chemically safe zone.


Things that cause cancer

  1. Air fresheners, chemical cleaners
    Breathing in a full breast air freshener, you canTo earn not only inflammations of the upper respiratory tract. Modern fresheners contain volatile substances that provoke the development of malignant cells in the body.

    A simple way to freshen the air in the house -Boil the lemon or orange peel. A safe way to aromatize the air in the bathroom and in the bathroom: drop a few drops of your favorite essential oil into a roll of toilet paper.

    Try not to use strong chemicalMeans for cleaning different surfaces - they not only kill dirt, they kill your health. Fortunately, purity can be maintained by natural means.

  2. Toothpaste and mouthwash
    Widely distributed substances in the composition of toothpastes - triclosan and fluoride. These are very dangerous compounds that have the property of accumulating in the body.

    Also dangerous are bright dyes, which are present in ordinary paste with interest. It's time to switch to organic natural toothpaste!

  3. Teflon coated dishes
    In itself such dishes are safe. Teflon coatings allow you to prepare food with a minimum amount of oil, the food does not burn.

    But as soon as you appear on your favorite frying panScratch, it becomes dangerous: when the damaged Teflon coating is heated, hazardous chemicals are released, such as perfluorooctane carboxylic acid, which has no place in human food.

    Use quality dishes that are difficult to scratch and damage.

  4. Dirty, old shoes
    When you go into the house, shoes are best immediatelyFold in a special locker. The fact is that along with the shoes home we bring absolutely unnecessary and harmful chemicals - from lead to pesticides.

    The habit of storing old shoes is very dangerous, chemical compounds that pollute the atmosphere in the house can be present on the soles.


  5. naphthalene
    There are few people who still use naphthalene against moths. They are not very lucky: naphthalene is officially included in the list of substances that provoke cancer.

    Use natural protection against insects: pouches with lavender flowers are quite fit.

  6. Decorative candles
    The wick of a beautiful candle very often contains leadTo increase hardness. Lead causes hormonal imbalance in people of different ages, children may have problems with learning and attention violation if there is too much lead in the house.

    Accumulated in the body lead promotes the development of cancer cells. Try to reduce the number of decorative candles at home, a sure way to protect yourself - to make them yourself.

  7. Deodicants and antiperspirants
    Containing aluminum, phthalates and triclosanAntiperspirants should disappear from your home. It is especially dangerous to use such drugs for women - it is proved that aluminum causes breast cancer.

    Replace the usual deodorant with an analogue from organic raw materials.

  8. Shower curtain
    It is much better to have a glass panel in the shower. When the bathroom is wet and hot, the plastic curtain begins to release hazardous substances into the air.
  9. Plastic food containers and plastic bottles
    Phthalates and bisphenol a - substances that exist in any plastic. Try not to buy food in plastic and do not drink water, which was long in a plastic bottle.

    Do not heat food in plastic containers! A drinking plastic bottle, which you often take with you, it's time to replace it with a glass bottle.

    Food in a container

  10. dirty water
    The tap water that you did not bother to filter contains heavy metals and many chemical compounds that we often forget about, for example, chlorine.

    They can affect health so that it does not seem too small! A sound decision - to install a home filters for water, Not only for drinking, but also in the shower.

  11. Paints and varnishes
    Using paint or varnish in the house, do not forget to air it well! Even the usual nail polish affects the state of health, which is already talking about building paints and varnishes.

    Dangerous chemicals, - carcinogens -Which are present in these familiar things for us, are able to influence the DNA of normal cells. They cause irreversible changes in the gene material, which is why a person starts to get sick.

We hope, soon there will be a more ecological era,And we will surround ourselves with safer items. But for now it's worth starting with your own home, throwing out the most harmful! Share this important list with your friends, take care of their health.