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Bad products

Harmful foodstuffs - Our favorite subject! Today you will meet the scoundrels, who are present on the shelves of stores in abundance. Alas, passed the time when "tasty" automatically meant "useful." Some products are pure falsification, it is an artificial taste and a lot of empty calories, and sometimes a lot of harmful impurities.

Of course, the quality of products is monitored by the inspection bodies, but they also make mistakes. Sometimes - unforgivable! Eating some foods is fraught with diseases and pathologies.

I was always interested in the question of the usefulness of the peel of tomatoes ... some claim that it is insanely harmful to digestion product. So you can eat it or not? Do tomatoes need to be cleaned?

Bad products photo

Bad products

Do not eat this!

  1. Barberry
    The strongest chemical essence! Wet the candy with water and leave it on the cloth. In a couple of hours you will see how something strange happens. In candies there is such a strong substance that it can destroy even plastic! I do not want to think what happens in the stomach. And I loved them so much in my childhood ...
    Dangerous food
  2. Herring in plastic packaging
    Such herring should be stored in oil! In any case not in vinegar: otherwise the pieces of fish will spoil. If the herring is in plastic packaging without oil, it means that it was added urotropin.

    It is a strong preservative that works by constantly releasing the poison into the food product. One of the products obtained in the process of decomposition of urotropine, - formaldehyde, Killing germs. He keeps the product, nothing will go wrong! The person who eats it will start to spoil: formaldehyde affects the heart, nervous system, liver, kidneys, eyes.

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  3. Light-salted red caviar
    With red caviar the same story! Caviar does not withstand heating, and in order to protect the product from germs, it is also added urotropine. The formaldehyde contained in it can cause serious allergic reactions and even cancer.
    The most dangerous products
  4. corn sticks
    Sticks, pads, flakes! How they like to feed children with such products. To my great surprise, the harm of these products is huge and there is no doubt. Sugar is never used to produce corn sticks! It burns at a temperature of 140 degrees, because it is replaced with a cyclamate to get a delicious product.

    Cyclamate - sugar substitute, cooked on the basis ofOil. It is 30-50 times sweeter than sugar. Known for its carcinogenic properties, cyclamate can cause irreversible changes in the body and the occurrence of cancer, especially cancer of the bladder.

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  5. Peel of vegetables and fruits
    Can I eat the peel of tomatoes? Many doubt, because there is an opinion that the skin is not digested and even clogs the gastrointestinal tract. Perhaps this is due to the individual characteristics of individual people, not everyone has such a problem.

    But it is better to still cleanse the vegetables, especiallyBought not in season! Too many microbes are present on the skin, they can be poisoned. It is important to wash bananas and oranges, peel can cause serious poisoning!

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  6. Porridges with the addition of flavors
    It can be said in another way: Porridge with the addition of poison. They do not contain anything natural, and if it's also a quick-cooking porridge, then things are completely bad. Even cellulose, useful for the body, it is not! Some dyes, sugar substitute and shredded waste processing of normal groats.
    Dangerous food
  7. Marmalade
    Has nothing to do with quality and usefulA product that was sold in the USSR! Marmalade - a chemical miracle, make it using dyes, as well as with a lot of gelatin produced in unsanitary conditions.
    The most harmful products

Yes, these are such loved ones and such Dangerous products. It is better not to take risks and watch your food,So that you do not have to cope with the problems that arise as a result of eating such a food! Share this list with your friends and be sure to keep it to yourself so you will not forget.