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Chicken "bombs"

Today we want to share with you a recipe for delicious chicken "bombs", which are sure to please not only your family members, but also guests, because this dish can be real Decoration of any festive table. Only 5 ingredients make "bombs" democratic in price, and the easiest way to cook can even appreciate the most inexperienced mistress.

If you are already interested in how to prepare this dish, write down the recipe!

Chicken "bombs"


  • 500 g chicken fillet
  • 300 g of mushrooms (can be champignons)
  • 70 g of cheese
  • 3 tbsp. L. Cream
  • 1 medium bulb
  • Salt, pepper to taste


  1. Finely chop onion and mushrooms and fry them in vegetable oil on moderate fire, salt and pepper.
    Fry mushrooms
  2. Sodium on grater cheese. Add to mushrooms and onions with cream, stir.
    Mushrooms with onions
  3. Otbey chicken fillet, salting, pepper and put in the center of each piece of mushroom stuffing.
    Chicken fillet with mushrooms
  4. Curtail the meat, trying to give it the shape of a "bomb", you can use a toothpick for this purpose.
    Chicken bombs
  5. Each "bomb" is wrapped in foil (pre-lubricated with vegetable oil).
  6. Put in an oven, heated 200 ° c, and bake for 30 minutes, then gently remove the foil and allow the meat to brown for another 5-10 minutes.
    Chicken bombs
  7. Bon Appetit!

usually, The most delicious dishes Do not require special skill and are prepared from quite affordable products. If you liked this recipe - share it with your friends! Surely they too will not refuse to cook such a yummy!