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Healthy breakfast

The dishes that are presented below are not recipes. These are bright ideas that are designed to inspire you to prepare useful and attractive-looking breakfasts. In the morning it is very important to have time to eat within 30 minutes after waking up - this will start the metabolic processes in the body, and your metabolism Will be accelerated all day long.

Healthy breakfast Helps clear the body of accumulated toxins andWill present energy, with which it is not terrible to meet any difficulties of a new day. Turn your breakfast into a real ritual dedicated to health! For this you need only a strong desire and a properly selected set of products. Try to have an excellent breakfast in the morning, and the whole day will pass like clockwork.

Healthy breakfasts

  1. Oatmeal, flavored with banana puree and ground walnuts.
    Banana puree is very tender, and if you add a little cinnamon or vanilla to it - it will turn into a real cream. In oatmeal will not have to add sugar - tasty and so!
  2. Oatmeal with bananas

  3. Fried eggs with unleavened bread and avocado.
    Choose bread that does not contain yeast - this isWill help you stay in shape, extra calories absolutely nothing! Avocados can be replaced with squash. Coriander and cumin - seasonings, unusually successfully combined with eggs, try this taste!
  4. Fried eggs with avocado

  5. Fried eggs, beans, sausages.
    This breakfast contains a high percentage of protein foods - it is protein that must be present in the diet of those who want to lose weight. Protein products For a long time saturate and stimulate cell renewal, because protein is the main building material.
  6. Fried eggs with beans

  7. Smoothies of blueberries and ginger.
    Kefir, bran, flax flour, cocoa powder -The basis for the preparation of any fruit or berry smoothie. Even more delicious and rich will be a drink, if you add dried fruits - prunes or dried apricots. With such a delicacy it is easy to give up sugar during breakfast!
  8. Smoothies of blueberries and ginger

  9. Fried eggplant.
    Of course, you can arrange a holiday and replaceEggplant avocado. But baked aubergine with fried eggs, greens, tomatoes and spices - an unearthly pleasure. Eggplants have a positive effect on the heart, interfere with the development of atherosclerosis and in its composition have complex carbohydrates. The feeling of satiety after such a breakfast will be preserved for a long time!
  10. Fried eggs in eggplant

  11. Healthy pancakes.
    Cook pancakes for breakfast - it is permissible,If you choose gluten-free flour for the recipe. Linseed, soybean, chickpeas, rice, buckwheat, coconut flour - an assortment of useful basis for your favorite pancakes is great. With honey, sour cream and fruits such pancakes will be a great start to the working day!
  12. Fritters

  13. Fried eggs with arugula.
    Use more green foods in your diet, and sometimes eat salad leaves for breakfast. With scrambled eggs they are very tasty! This will provide the body with the necessary dose of magnesium.
  14. Scrambled eggs with rocket salad

  15. Steamed vegetables, seeds, nuts, fruits.
    So that the food intake is satisfying, add to this set also useful bread.
  16. steamed vegetables

  17. Sandwich with bezdorozhevom bread and sausage, grapefruit, coffee.
    Grapefruit is useful to eat at least once a week,Especially people suffering from circulatory disorders. Very suitable for grapefruit breakfast for people with reduced gastric acidity - it is remarkable it increases!
  18. a sandwich

  19. Oatmeal with chopped almonds.
    Another version of oatmeal, divinely tasty and healthy, with almonds. Add cinnamon, nutmeg, cocoa to it. Coconut chips will give breakfast a special sweet aroma.
  20. Oatmeal with migdal

  21. Omelette with avocado, tuna and parmesan.
    There are a lot of omelets, but this combination is my favorite ... add Italian herbs to the dish, cooking masterpiece.
  22. Omelet with avocado

As you start the day, so it will pass! Have breakfast with a smile, thoughts of a beautiful day ahead, enjoying aesthetically decorated dishes. Let our advice help you learn to enjoy small things and Choose healthy food. These are the first steps towards a great happiness ...

Show your friends, How to have breakfast, - our dishes are sure to impress them!