/ What is the thermoregulation of the body?

What is the thermoregulation of the body

"I never understood people who can walkStripped of the terrible cold. I freeze at the first convenient opportunity: when the others have enough windbreakers to keep warm, I still need a sweater ... "

"When it's cold to normal people, I just burn from the inside!" I can not figure out where this feeling of heat comes from, when the street is dank and windy ... " Each person is an individual, and this is very easy to demonstrate with the example of thermoregulation.

Thermoregulation of the body

We feel differently in the sameConditions and usually do not think about why this happens. It's good that you can always consult a specialist: a scientific explanation of the wonders of thermoregulation is very interesting ...

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Sudden Hot flushes And chills - indicators of health impairment. Even if you consider yourself an absolutely healthy person, some moments may be missed. Anemia, malnutrition, various infections, metabolic disorders, thyroid problems, overweight are frequent causes of thermoregulatory problems.

for example, acidosis, Called in the people "acetone", can beCause sudden feeling of heat and increased sweating. Violation of the acid-base balance of the body with malnutrition, diabetes, fasting leads to serious consequences, including unpleasant feelings akin to fever.

Nervous tension, stress, conflicts with relatives do not go unpunished. Most often too nervous people suffer from hot flushes, sweating, nervous trembling.

You can be hot for a long time after too tight food intake: so the body signals - something goes wrong. People with low blood pressure, those who often do not get enough sleep, are usually cold.

People who feel lonely also tend to freeze even at normal temperature - the emotional state is closely related to the thermoregulation of the body.

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Food, clothing, the state of the nervous system, the way of life in general - all this affects our climate control. Knowing these facts, you understand: any discomfort can be corrected if the life is changed in a complex way for the better!

When you often freeze, drink liquid hotFood, tune in to a positive mood and cheer yourself up in every possible way. If you tend to be excessively hot, soothe the nervous system and do not eat harmful foods.

This information is very valuable on the eve of winter cold, advise her friends!