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Walking prolongs life

if you want to Improve the physical form, Increase stamina, strengthen the heartMuscle, immunity, and also the locomotor system, then walking is for you. The main thing - walking helps to lose weight and it's a completely sparing exercise for health.

Go out on Outing And take friends with you. And if everyone is lazy, then go yourself or take a dog with you, which will like this pastime.

The benefits of long walks

Family on a walk

German scientists from the University of SaarlandConducted a study. 69 people took part in it. Volunteers did not go in for sports before and did not have bad habits. 6 months, these people walked 20 minutes a day on foot and donated blood for analysis.

As a result of the study, it was found that the participants Slow the aging process Organism. With the help of walking you can not only look much younger, but also extend your life for several years - from 3 to 7.

Scientists also confirmed the fact that sport It is a wonderful antidepressant and it can slow down the process of dementia.

Scientists believe that It's never too late to start training. If you start training at the age of 50-60 yearsWith moderate loads, then you will reduce the risk of death from a heart attack by 50%. Charging can begin to engage in even in 70 years. In which case the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases will decrease by 10%.

Walk for more than 20 minutes a day, so that the heart and blood vessels are healthy. It is also necessary Forget about smoking.

Share this important information with your friends. Perhaps you decide to go out for walks in the evening!