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Pasta with shrimps and cheese

You have long dreamed of visiting italy, but you can not get out there in any way? then "so simple!" Offers you to go there already todayIn the evening. For this you'll just need to buy shrimp, pasta, some cheese and cook a delicious pasta. This dish has a very delicate taste, which once and for all will win your heart and cause a storm of emotions. After work hurry home to arrange a real holiday for your stomach!

Italian pasta with prawns and cheese

Pasta with shrimps


  • 500 gr of shrimps
  • pasta
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • 150 grams of hard cheese
  • 200 g sour cream
  • greenery
  • lemon


  1. Defrost the shrimp, fill them with boiling water. Purify them.
  2. Put on the pasta.
  3. Put a frying pan with olive oil on the fire. Chop the garlic and sauté it in a frying pan for 30 seconds. Then remove garlic from the frying pan.
  4. Add prawns and fry for 2 minutes. Pour sour cream and grated cheese.
  5. Mix the pasta with the contents of the frying pan. Sprinkle with lemon juice and garnish with greens.

Be sure to try to cook this dish and you will never want to cook ordinary pasta. And please tell your friends about this recipe!