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Method of "Fingertip"

at Eastern medicine There are many different methods forSelf-improvement of health. They include self-massage, stimulation of various points, meditation and much more. You yourself can do a lot to feel better.

Doctors from Eastern countries believe that the fingers are connected with all internal organs. Finger movements Positively affect the body. In Qigong therapy, there is a method of "lowering the fingers." It is used to improve brain activity and prolong life.

Method of "lowering the fingers"

Preparation (do everything 9 times)

  1. First of all, massage your hands. Then bend your fingers, starting with the little finger. After unbend, starting with the big one.
  2. Bend the fingers of both hands simultaneously. But not completely, but only the two upper phalanges. The thumbs should be straight.
  3. Now on each arm, fold and immediately fold your fingers completely in this order: index, ring, big, pinky and middle.

Lowering of fingers

Carry out

  1. Sit in a comfortable pose. Put your hands on your knees. Eyes lightly cover, tongue touch the upper palate.
  2. Raise your hands slightly above your knees. Bend your index fingers on both hands and lower your arms down. Leave them in this position for one minute. Then bend your fingers.
  3. The sequence in which you need to lower your fingers: index, anonymous, large, little finger, middle (see the picture). You need to lift your fingers slowly.

Lowering of fingers

In the east it is believed that through the limbs passes 12 Energy channels. This system works even without its stimulation. In old age, energy stagnates at the fingertips. So it is important to activate it to make the body work better.

After therapy you will feel vivacity, a burst of energy, and eventually become more calm and balanced. Also experts in oriental medicine say that this way it is possible to prolong life.

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