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Myths about bananas

Banana is a very useful product. He is loved by both children and the older generation. But many people try to exclude these fruits from their diet. Now you can hear a lot of different information about Harm of bananas, Starting with their caloric value and toxicity and ending with the effect on male potency.

But the most unusual statement is that Bananas can lead to death. This is not a joke, and scientists have already studied this issue!

Myths about bananas


Why, in fact, there was this myth? But because bananas contain A large amount of potassium, Which in large doses can lead to death.

In fact, an element such as potassium is usefulFor the human body. It ensures the normal functioning of the heart, kidneys and nervous system. In one banana is about 400 mg of potassium. The daily allowance is 4,800 mg. This is about 12 bananas.

Bananas do not carry a mortal danger. Hardly anyone can eat up to 400 pieces in one sitting. Especially since not all potassium from them is absorbed.

This is not the only myth About this product. There is one more that speaks about the presence in the bananas of radiation in connection with the content of the potassium-40 isotope. In fact, many everyday products are a source of natural radiation.

But these isotopes are completely eliminated from the body in the process of metabolism. So you should not be afraid. Death from the received dose of radiation will come only if you eat about 10 million bananas At a time.

So eat bananas for health. By the way, they are a useful snack.

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