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Why you should not clean your ears with cotton buds

Many of us use Wadded sticks for cleaning the ears. It is very convenient and hygienic, in our opinion. But more and more doctors are opposed to regular cleansing by this device. Reasons for this they call the mass and advise very cautious attitude to such things, so as not to harm yourself.

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Why it is dangerous to clean your ears with cotton buds

Cleaning of ears

«Frequent cleaning of ears leads people to see a doctor", - says Leon Chen, MD from New York.

  1. When cleaning, you slaughter the sulfur even deeper into the ear canals. Over time this can lead to the formation of sulfuric cork.
  2. Clearing the auditory canal, we deprive him of the protective layer. This means that the skin is less moistened and more exposed to bacteria. In the ear can enter infection and Develop inflammation (For example, otitis).
  3. Lately a lot of people get into the hospital, accidentally piercing Eardrum With a cotton swab.

To keep my ears clean with my water from them.Children's soap. Doctors advise cleaning their ears with a stick three times a month. This procedure is best done immediately after a shower or bath. It is best to wind a little more wool on the wand so that it becomes softer. And do not need to clean them too deep!

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